Bride Bans Polyamorous Parents’ Throuple Partner From Her Wedding And Asks Folks Online If She’s The Bad Guy

Perhaps, few people in this world can argue that love is the most beautiful of feelings, and that there is nothing better than love. And who are we to argue with this – especially since this is most likely the absolute truth. However, in the same way, lots of people claim that having a family with children is an equally beautiful feeling – and here they are also completely right.

Sometimes love and family with kids complement each other, and in this case there is a pure happiness. But what if love and parenthood start to interfere with each other? What if at some point in their life a person suddenly realizes that children do not bring them happiness, but love, on the contrary, does?

That is what the parents of the author of the story that we want to tell you today probably thought. First appearing on the AITA Reddit community a few days ago, user u/Zealousideal-Pin5826’s tale has already racked up roughly 9.2K upvotes and over 1.1K various comments. Yes, this is another example of a family drama worthy of understanding its plot.

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The author of the post was raised by her grandparents since her biological parents were ‘free spirits’

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So, the author of the post is now 27 years old, and she was raised by her maternal grandparents. The thing is that the girl’s parents have always been so-called “free spirits” who didn’t at all want to settle down and raise a child. For some time, her biological parents periodically appeared in the girl’s life, but then they stopped altogether, leaving the upbringing entirely to the grandparents.

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Before her upcoming wedding, the author, however, decided to send her parents an invitation – just as a courtesy

And now, after many years, the Original Poster is going to get married in March, and she decided that despite this attitude towards her, these are still the people thanks to whom she was born. Therefore, the bride-to-be, after talking with her fiancé and grandparents, nevertheless decided to send invitations to her biological mom and dad. No, it wasn’t about the biodad guiding her down the aisle or other wedding functions that are meant for the bride’s parents. The couple was invited like the ordinary guests, without any privileges.

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The biodad told the bride-to-be that they need a +1 for their throuple partner

A few weeks later, the OP was talking to her biological father on the phone and he suddenly said they needed a +1 for the upcoming wedding. Perhaps, during the years that her parents were absent from her life, she got a brother or sister, the bride-to-be thought, but her father immediately dispelled any doubts. The thing is that they are now in a polyamorous relationship, and the other guest is their throuple partner, a man in his mid-thirties.

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The OP honestly admits that neither she nor her fiance are particularly religious, and neither of them has anything against polyamorous relationships. But still, the author of the post said that she did not want this man to attend her wedding, because he, after all, had absolutely nothing to do with her.

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The woman told her biological father that she doesn’t want to have this guy at her wedding, but the biodad got offended

In general, the bride-to-be honestly told her biological dad that he and her mother were invited just as a courtesy, and that they do not have any parental privileges. He was offended in response, stating that excluding their partner from the wedding was ‘mean’, and that if he and his wife had known earlier that their parents would raise their daughter so prejudiced, they would never have given her up to them.

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But the OP was literally adamant in her decision, and her grandparents supported her in this. Apparently, the OP’s parents actually planned to use their daughter’s wedding to introduce their new partner to both families. As a result, the author of the post called her father again and softly but confidently stated that she spoke with the wedding coordinator to make sure that no uninvited guests came to her wedding.

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The bride-to-be even told the reception administration to call the cops in the event that any uninvited guest tries to come in

Moreover, according to the OP, the reception will be at a resort hotel, which has its own security service. After talking with hotel administration, the bride-to-be made sure that if uninvited guests try to enter the wedding, then the guards will remove them, and if necessary, even call the police. Of course, the OP’s biological parents were not at all happy with such a decision, so now they are complaining to everyone. However, their daughter does not care – this is her wedding, and she does not want to see any of the people she did not invite there.

People in the comments sided with the bride, claiming that that’s her own right – not wanting to have strangers at her wedding

We must say that the majority of commenters massively supported the author of the post, arguing that this actually doesn’t sound like it’s about prejudice about polyamory so much as it’s about not wanting some random stranger at her own wedding. Well, since the bride-to-be does not owe her biological parents anything, they are lucky they’re getting an invitation in the first place.

Moreover, according to the people in the comments, it’s a big day for the Original Poster and her fiance, and it’s up to the two of them to decide who can be invited to the wedding and who can’t. Strictly speaking, the story should look like this – two guests asked about a +1, this is their right. The newlyweds refused – this is also their right. Period. “It should have ended there. Everything past that makes your father a jerk,” commenters believe.

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