Bride catches groom being Breastfed by his mother just before wedding

The wedding is the most important day for a person, hence, they try to make it as grand and memorable as possible. Even the slightest of offbeat planning can ruin the wedding. While this seems like a horrifying scenario that a person could go through, imagine the condition of this bride who walked into his groom being breastfed by his mom.

During an episode of the podcast, ‘The Unfiltered Bride’ accompanied by co-host Beth Smith, UK-based wedding planner Georgie Mitchell revealed a petrifying moment faced by a bride who discovered that his soon-to-be husband is still breastfed by his mother.

The wedding planner refrained from revealing the identity of her make-up artist who shared the story with her. She then narrated the entire incident referring to the make-up artist as Jenny.

Mitchell said, “Jenny says to me, ‘I did a wedding the other day and you’ll never guess what happened,’” Mitchell begins the story of the alleged incident. It occurred accidentally when the bride needed to use the washroom just moments before walking down her wedding aisle. The bride had no clue that she was about to witness one of the biggest nightmares of her life when she entered the toilet.”

Instead of going straight to the story, Mitchell creates a little suspense and asks the co-host to guess what the bride might have witnessed. Smith came up with a number of options that include, groom, doing drugs, cheating, or masturbating in the washroom. However, non of the answers turned right when the wedding planner revealed that he was actually being breastfed by his mom.

Smith couldn’t believe it at first and questioned, “Sorry, what?” as she needed to recheck that she heard it right.

A clip of the podcast was uploaded on TikTok showcasing Smith’s confused face after hearing the unbelievable incident. Although it is still unknown to us how the grown man was breastfed by his mother, it is assumed that Mitchell too guessed that it could be because the mother never stopped breastfeeding the man.

Meanwhile, what is even more shocking for the netizens is that even after being utterly startled by this incident, the bride decided to walk down the aisle. The identity of the bride and the groom remains unknown.