Bride celebrates wedding through aerial firing

Indian bride celebrating while firing in the air. — Screengrab/Instagram

While celebratory firing is illegal, it is still common in traditional weddings. Despite the practice leading to several accidental deaths, the tradition — unfortunately — continues unabated among families in South Asia.

A video recently emerged on social media in which an Indian bride, wearing a pink lehenga — could be seen shooting bullets into the air outside the wedding hall to celebrate her wedding.

In the video, the bride could be seen firing three rounds into the air with a smile on her face. After that, she handed over the gun to someone else.

The video garnered more than 67,000 likes after it was posted and users started pouring in both positive and negative comments. 

Take a look: 

One of the users called her a “sherni” (lioness) for her act. 

Another user condemned the act and wrote: “Not appreciated.”

Meanwhile, a third user found the act “daring.”