Bride customises wedding outfit after forgetting her blouse on the day of function. Video goes viral

The day of a person’s wedding is meant to be one of the most special days of their life but it also turns out to be stressful as there are so many rituals and things to be taken care of. Amid all the planning, sometimes people forget important things as well. Like this bride who forgot to pack her wedding dress but then she remained calm and improvised her outfit by using a blouse she wore at her cocktail party.

A video of the entire incident was shared on Instagram by Tashika Kaur, a makeup artist. Just four hours before her wedding, the bride realised she forgot to bring her wedding dress. She then decided to customise her cocktail blouse and turn it into her wedding attire.

She got her makeup done. She had brought her lehenga and dupatta but had forgotten the blouse so she wore the one she had worn at her cocktail party. Showing her final look, it matched perfectly with her wedding outfit. “No matter whatever situation happens, stay positive,” says the caption of the video.

Watch the clip below:

Posted on November 22, the video has received more than 4.9 million views.

“I don’t about this, but legit my family left my reception outfit in house and I reached hotel for reception…. Luckily my house was in same town so within half an hour they took my suitcase and luggage from home,” commented a user.

“You are one of the most calm patient and strong person i know since i was present there and witnessed with my own eyes that u didn’t panic even for a second is so impressive,” said another.