Bride ‘devastated’ as husband ruins wedding as he hates ‘risky’ dress she picked

A woman has been left feeling ‘devastated’ after her husband-to-be harshly criticised her wedding dress before their big day, saying he thought it was ‘horrible’

Her husband-to-be thought the dress was ‘horrible’(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

For many people, a wedding is a chance to get all glammed up and be looking your best – especially if you’re the bride or groom.

You’ll have picked a very special outfit for the big day, one that you hope your significant other will love as much as you do.

However, this sadly isn’t always the case and sometimes people may not appreciate your taste.

One bride-to-be has claimed her wedding is “ruined” after her future husband accidentally saw a snap of her wedding dress and branded it “horrible”.

The unnamed woman has been left “devastated” as a result of her partner’s comments and now doesn’t know what to do.

She’s been left ‘devastated’ by his comments (stock photo)(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Turning to the internet for some much-needed advice, the bride explained her dilemma on Netmums, revealing there were only a few days to go before the ceremony and she didn’t have time to change her outfit.

Her post read: “My wedding is ruined!

She feels like the wedding is ‘ruined’ (Getty Images)