Bride faces dilemma after bridesmaids ‘drop out’ of her wedding: ‘Something is going on’

A bride doesn’t understand why three of her bridesmaids quit at the same time.

She took to Reddit’s “Wedding” forum to explain what happened. Well in advance of the wedding, three bridesmaids suddenly dropped out. But the reasons they gave didn’t make all that much sense.

“Three of my bridesmaids dropped out of my wedding today,” she wrote. “I’m really upset as I thought we were all friends. Me and my fiancé got engaged in October 2020 and I asked them to be my bridesmaids in April 2021.”

“They backed out today due to ‘financial and personal reasons’ and they don’t want that to impact on the wedding and ruin my day apparently. But I’m not getting married until May 2023.”

“I’m really upset and annoyed as surely they’ve had plenty of time to budget?” she said. “I asked them all last year if they were happy to pay for their dresses and makeup (max (£160) and they all said yes. And they’ve dropped out with 10 months to go.”

“My fiancé thinks we should drop them from the day entirely but I feel guilty doing that. I don’t really know what to do and how I should really feel.”

The Redditors felt like there might be a deeper reason here.

“If they all dropped out at the same time, something is going on,” a user commented.

“If they aren’t around for you now maybe not having them is for the best,” another wrote.

“Three people don’t drop out just because of the price of the dress,” someone added.

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