Bride Flies Over 600 Miles To Dance With Her Grandpa On Wedding Day!!

Distance could not bar Natalie Browning from sharing her “first dance” with her grandpa.

A bride traveled from Virginia to Florida to save the first dance for her grandpa, who could not join her wedding party due to severe health issues. Distance could not bar her as she traveled over 600 miles to meet her grandfather. This attracted the eyeballs of the netizens, and they were pretty impressed.

The heartwarming story of the filial granddaughter stunned the netizens. Natalie won the hearts of the netizens, showcasing her love for her grandpa by giving him her first dance on her marriage day.

As per the latest reports, the bride had her wedding party in Virginia, and she knew her Florida-based granddad could not make it to the wedding celebration due to his health condition.

However, Natalie showed immense love towards her grandpa and decided to fly over 600 miles to share her first wedding day dance with the 94-year-old.

Bride Flies Over 600 Miles To Dance With Her Grandpa On Wedding Day!!

She grabbed her wedding dress and a bag of other essentials and started the trip to Florida. After reaching the Florida airport, Natalie wrapped her wedding dress in a pink suitcase and journeyed to her granddad’s house. As per reports, a couple of weeks before the wedding party, Browning’s grandfather suffered a severe stroke, which barred him from attending the party. So, Natalie decided to join him.

Browning documented her complete journey and shared it on social media that grabbed the attention of the netizens. On reaching her granddad’s place, Natalie donned her wedding outfit, and the pair started enjoying the dance moves.

Browning shared, “For months he had been so excited to dance with me on my wedding day, and I am so delighted that I was able to give him that experience and as I don’t get to see him so often, the day was really special for me.”

Bride Flies Over 600 Miles To Dance With Her Grandpa On Wedding Day!!

She further added, “I run a jewelry business under the name the Great Value, that carries a beautiful message, reminding people that they are precious. I have been trying to implement the same belief in my life and wanted my grandfather to know that he is special, and even though he could not attend our wedding party, the dance he desired to have with me was valuable too. So, I made it happen.”

The priceless moment between the two made the netizens emotional, and they showered their blessings on Natalie, wishing her a happy married life.