Bride forgets to carry her wedding outfit, realises hours before phere. Watch | Trending

A video of a bride is going increasingly viral on Instagram, and the reason will dawn upon you once you watch it. In it, one can see a bride panicking hours before her wedding ceremony as she forgets her outfit. After searching rigorously with her cousins, she finds half of her bridal outfit, i.e., lehnga and chunni, but not her blouse. She then decides to turn her cocktail blouse into bridal attire with the help of her aunt. Towards the end, she can be seen in an embellished blue coloured lehenga that goes pretty well with her pink blouse and chunni.

The video was shared on Instagram by Tashika Kaur. “No matter whatever situation happens, stay positive,” read the caption written along with the video with two hearts emotion. She also posted a long video on her YouTube channel where she opened up about her wedding outfit struggle.

Watch the videos below:

Both videos, since being shared, have attracted many eyeballs and gathered a flurry of comments.

“Happened with me too! Kudos to you for not stressing out,” commented an individual. “This happened with me too… on my engagement day… I forgot my blouse but my mumma made it,” shared another. “Everything turned out brilliantly for you. You look so beautiful!!” posted a third.


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