Bride Gets Pooped On By A Bird During Outdoor Ceremony – OutKick

An outdoor wedding sounds good on paper. But even if the weather cooperates, there are so many other things that could take the ceremony off the rails. The wind could pick up at any time or an animal could wander into the action.

In this case, a couple had their ceremony interrupted by an animal flying overhead. As the bride was reading her vows a bird flew by and pooped on her.

Bride pooped on during outdoor wedding (Image Credit: Chiola Films/TikTok)

Feeling that something had just landed on her, she pauses her emotional reading and asked, “Did I just get shit on?” The answer was yes, but the groom apparently didn’t see it happen.

The groom responded, “I don’t know.” He then assisted his bride by wiping the bird poop off her shoulder. He had a hard time containing his laughter as he did so.

Realizing that it was, in fact, poop the bride said, “Oh my God. Are you kidding me? Yeah it shit on me.” Everyone enjoyed the moment before the smell kicked in.

The groom was the first to notice and he happily pointed it out. He said, “It smells. It smells pretty bad.”

Learn From This Couple’s Obvious Mistakes

As the caption of the video points out, a bird pooping on you is supposed to be good luck. That very well could be the case.

However, being pooped on during an outside wedding, especially while reading your own vows doesn’t sound all that lucky to me.

It sounds to me like it’s a sign to hold the ceremony inside and to go with the standard vows. Reading your own vows is such a ridiculous move.

Sure, it’s your wedding but nobody wants to hear all that sappy crap. Go with the emotionless repeat after me from start to finish and do it inside. You guys can talk about all that intimate stuff on your own time.

I’m not going to say that anyone deserves to be pooped on during a wedding, but you’re not doing anything to earn any sympathy with all this extra stuff.