Bride goes viral for banning kids from her wedding


A bride is getting support for her decision to not allow kids at her wedding.

The tears at this wedding were not from kids throwing tantrums. 

A TikTok user is getting praise on social media for her decision to ban children from her big day.

The California bride, who goes by the username @AshleeyLaam, shared a clip of herself dancing the night away with her groom with the caption: “POV [point of view]: You have no kids at your wedding.”

The video, which garnered thousands of likes and millions of views, then cut to the couple’s wedding invitation that specifically spelled out an “adults-only ceremony & reception.”

The pair explained in the clip that “while we love your kids our wedding will be an adults-only (18+) event due to space and budget constraints.”

They then encouraged guests to “take a night off and celebrate with us!” 

The bride captioned the TikTok: “I love you, but hard pass,” affirming her decision to celebrate sans kids. 

The wedding invite stated that it was an “adults-only ceremony & reception.” TikTok/@@ashleeylaam

The internet was quick to chime in, with many giving the bride’s decision two thumbs up. 

“Their wedding, their choice, if you don’t like it, don’t go. Simple,” one blunt user commented.

The bride flashed the question: “Are kids welcome?” in her TikTok with the answer affirming that the wedding would be for those 18 and over. TikTok/@@ashleeylaam

Others chimed in that they’ve sent out similar invitations for their weddings, urging guests to leave the little ones with a sitter. 

Mine said “we love your kids but thought you could use the night off, Adult’s only please”. Best decision we made,” a person wrote.

The video, with more than 4.2 million views, united even parents who use wedding invites as an excuse to get a parents’ night out. 

“As a mom of 3, If I’m invited to a wedding where kids ARE allowed, I’m not coming. Let’s make more events kid free,” a user posted. 

And others cautioned about the mishaps of having kids potentially distract from sentimental vows and other sacred parts of a wedding, like the time another commenter recalled attending a wedding where a kid was screaming during the ceremony. 

“A child talked LOUDLY during the whole ceremony and the parents did nothing. I would be fuming,” they wrote. 

Other parents have a rational approach to no-kid weddings. 

“I am a mom and I would try to find someone to babysit. And if I can’t find anyone, then I’ll simply won’t come. Why is that so hard for some people?” they wrote. 

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