Bride & Groom Charge Wedding Guests $360 & Ban Fragrances

We’ve all known a bridezilla in our day, but one couple called out on Reddit truly takes the wedding cake.

In a post to the ‘r/bridezillas” subReddit, a bride and groom got called out for some most unorthodox demands of their guests.

The shocking post has people appalled at the couple’s audacity and sharing how they would have respond to a wedding invitation like this one.

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The bride and groom demanded guests work set up the wedding, forbid fragrances, and charged guests to attend.

The Reddit post shows a text message conversation between two friends in which one person tells about their niece’s wedding.

According to the post, the invitations to the wedding stated that “everyone is required to come early to set up the marquee and decorations.”

And don’t think you get to just go home after the wedding is over.

The text says male guests were also “required to then help break the marquee back down” afterward.

The demands only get more insane from there, with “no one (especially women) [being] allowed to wear overpowering scents” because the bride doesn’t want them competing with the flowers.

Guests are also not allowed to wear any floral colors, as the bride believes it will be distracting in her photos. And once the tear-down is over, everyone is instructed to leave the wedding at once.

And don’t be thinking you’ll be attending this wedding for free, either.

For the pleasure of working before and after the wedding and not being allowed to wear anything with color, guests are charged $360 to attend.

Someone call the labor board, this can’t be legal!

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Commenters decided they would simply refuse to attend a wedding like this.

One user kept things simple, writing, “I’m not paying to attend any wedding. That’s what the gift is for. I also will not be doing any work to attend a wedding if it’s not for my kid.”

Others were willing to budge on the fragrance thing, but the rest struck them as insane. As one put it, “I’m fine with the ‘no overpowering scents’ but the rest is too much!”

Another couldn’t fathom even thinking like this wedding couple. They wrote, “Imagine thinking people want to go to your wedding so badly that they’ll pay to attend.”

Several commenters agreed—especially those coming with a date, who’d have to pay twice.

One person wrote, “If I’m paying $720 for hubby and I…no way I’m spending it on crappy wedding food in a facility where my outfit is dictated and I have to…set up and tear down the facility. Hard pass.”

Others thought the $360 entry charge was just a way for the couple to pay for a wedding they can’t afford. 

As one person put it, “they’re not running for political office, why throw a fundraiser? Oh, that’s right, they can’t afford ‘Our Dream Wedding,’ and think everyone will share their ‘Vision.'”

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But for one user, the sticking point was the demanding bride’s dress code. They commented, “‘No floral colors’ so just black and gray outfits are allowed?” 

Another user had the perfect solution to this problem, however. They wrote, “The women should all wear white.”

Yep, that’ll teach her! 

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