Bride, groom start fight on stage and then… #watch

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. These rituals are incredibly wholesome, and each has significance of it. However, these ceremonies become tiring especially for the bride and groom who are part of almost every ritual.

It is not only tiring and taxing for the bride and groom, but it’s also becomes really boring for them sometimes with priests only reciting the mantras for the rituals. So, the bride and groom’s family usually have fun rituals like “Joota Chupai” to lighten the moment by engaging in a competition to see which side is winning. 

However, it is very rare to see a bride and groom competing against each other on the mandap (wedding stage).

Recently, one such video went viral in which the bride and the groom can be seen playing games on the mandap. In the clip, the couple is seen playing ‘flipping the bottle’ with a small water bottle which seemed to have been given to them for drinking.

In the video, the bride and groom, who are seated on the ground near the ‘havan kund’, are seen flipping the bottle to kill the time and boredom while the Panditji is on a break.  

The new couple is seen laughing and playing with water bottles in the video while two of their elderly relatives can be seen sitting behind them on chairs.

The couple seems to be quite competitive and is seen exchanging talks between their turn to flip the bottle. The duo is completely seen immersed In the game and seems like they have forgotten that they are sitting on the mandap to get married and the guests sitting around are watching them.

The video originally shared on an Instagram account called insideoutdog_own has been shared by many other users on various social media platforms. The original video has millions of views and thousands of comments and likes.

 Netizens loved the couple and their bonding, companionship, and love. 

“Hey will have good bonding,” commented one user while another user loved their understanding and wrote, “When 2 bestfriends become life partners….” Another netizen wrote, ” his show how friendly they are.”