Bride kicks best friend out for wearing bridal dress on wedding

Bridesmaid wears bridal dress to friend’s wedding. — Unsplash/Thomas Christian

  • 28-year-old enraged by friend’s behaviour.
  • Andy was the bridesmaid.
  • Andy joked about wearing white to friends’ wedding ceremonies as “joke”.

A woman revealed on Reddit anonymously that she kicked her best friend out of her wedding for wearing a bridal dress, The Sun reported. 

The 28-year-old said that she was enraged by her friend’s behaviour. It was an intimate event with just 20 guests in the ceremony.

She made friends with Andy in high school. Andy was the woman’s bridesmaid.

The woman said: “However, back in school, Andy used to be kind of a bully, even towards me.”

She said that she had told herself that all of that behaviour was back in school and that Andy must have “grown since then.”

The bride was, however, surprised that her best friend turned up wearing a wedding dress despite deciding on dresses for bridesmaids. 

She shared: “She picked out a nice rose gold dress that I thought was rather cute, and I assumed that was that.”

Andy called the bride and told her she had a “surprise” planned for her. The woman thought it would be a wedding gift.

She said that back in high school, Andy joked about wearing white to friends’ wedding ceremonies as a “joke”. Apparently, the duo had argued about the topic before. 

Reddit users commented to support the woman. A user wrote: “She wanted to upstage you.”

“You found out she was still awful. Can’t imagine what might possibly be causing her to not be doing so well in life,” said another.

“How sure are you that she grew out of being a bully?” a user questioned.