Bride knits wedding dress on commute – and finishes it day before

A woman in New York City expertly made the most of her commute on the subway—by knitting her wedding dress and finishing it the day before!

Over the course of nine months, Esther Andrews, a designer who goes by @estherandrewsbridal on the platform, used her daily bustling subway trips to create the dress for her big day.

The video clip, which was viewed more than 640,000 times, showed Andrews sitting on the train with her knitting tools on hand as she showed the stages of the dress.

“I hand knit my wedding dress on the NYC subway for nine months, and this was the journey,” the text over screen began. “The inspiration was a space meets a tomato patch—because it was just silly and fun,” she continued as she showed the fabric and outer space pirate inspiration.


Esther Andrews and her husband.

(Photo courtesy of @estherandrewsbridal/TikTok)

She also added that the dress utilized over four miles of mohair lace yarn while the ruffle alone had one mile of yarn.

But when it came time to actually sewing the dress together, she admitted that she was a bit worried because she “could only trust that it would fit,” and there was no turning back.

Luckily, it worked out in her favor so she could add “little tomatoes,” and it was finished the day before she exchanged vows.

Esther Andrews wedding dress.

(Photo courtesy of @estherandrewsbridal/TikTok)

Towards the end, Andrews said, “I will always cherish this dress and the time that went into making it.”


Onlookers in the comments were in awe with the finished product, pointing out how precious this was.

“This is so whimsical and precious, omg,” someone wrote.

“Everything about this is phenomenal. The world needs more people like you. Thanks for sharing,” another person said.

This wasn’t the only thing Andrews made for the special day.

In another video, She also created her husband’s attire which looked like an astronaut suit, saying she was inspired by NASA’s Gemini mission suits, which fit the theme.

What a way to be creative and productive no matter what!

Check out the full video here.