Bride lets groom and guests tattoo her at wedding

Here comes the bride, all dressed in — gray?

One unconventional newlywed nixed wedding traditions without shame for her recent nuptials in San Francisco, donning a dark gray muumuu and sealing the celebration by letting her groom give her a tattoo. 

“How we became husband and wife,” bride Kotryna penned in the caption of her viral wedding recap video, which garnered more than 583,000 views on TikTok. 

In the circulating clip, the blushing non-conformist is seen walking down a huge flight of steps, sans parental escort, in a flowing, soot-colored gown and strappy neon green heels. 

And once at the alter, instead of waiting for the officiant to perform the ceremony — which usually ends in the couple exchanging their first kiss as husband and wife — Kotryna and her platinum blond-headed honey immediately shared a smooch and loving embrace. 

Unconventional bride Kortryna went viral, wearing a gray muumuu wedding dress and getting tattooed at her reception. TikTok/@

The footage then jumps to the free-spirited sweethearts wildly enjoying their wedding reception. And at the height of the festivities, Kotryna’s new husband inked her leg with a small tattoo while guests gawked in awe.

Later on, two male partygoers appear to leave their mark on the bride’s leg as well, singeing the back of her ankle with a flame from a pocket lighter. 

The kookiness of their peculiar pastimes notwithstanding, social media audiences absolutely loved the wacky wedding day rituals. 

“I don’t want to get married but I actually might do it if it’s like this,” penned one TikTok commentator. 

“Honestly I love to see people that get married their way and not the way they were told when growing up. Makes me wanna marry one day,” another agreed. 

Kortryna's new groom inked her with a tattoo during their unconventional wedding reception.  Kortryna’s new groom inked her with a tattoo during their unconventional wedding reception. TikTok/@

And online fashionistas couldn’t help but rave over the bride’s unorthodox frock. 

“The dresssss is incredible,” gushed an online onlooker. 

“Hi! Can you please share from where is the dress? Stunning!,” begged another user, to which Kortryna replied: “Thanks! Dress is custom made.”

The lean away from the customarily expensive, puffy and white wedding gown is becoming a new trend amongst dissenters tying the knot. 

In April, bride Kiara Brokenbrough struck social media gold after revealing that she spent a measly $47 on a fitted, backless dress for her $500 betrothal — which was held on the side of a highway in Los Angeles.