Bride makes her brothers ‘flower boys’ because they weren’t groomsmen

No one likes to be left out of the wedding party. It’s sort of a big deal to be included. 

But what happens when there aren’t any roles to be fulfilled? It can get really tricky for the bride and groom. 

Because you want to please everyone and make the day one that will be memorable. 

For this sister and bride, she didn’t want to leave her brothers out of the wedding. 

And since they were not groomsmen, she decided to make them flower boys. 

Now we have to admit, this is not the first time we have seen grown men being called on to be flower boys, but these two brothers really got into the groove of things. 

Doesn’t it feel like this was so meant for them? 

We think they killed it at being flower boys and provide some much-needed entertainment just before the bride enters. 

The best part was the way brother number one committed to his role and didn’t engage with the guests but focused on his performance. 

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