Bride mortified after realising what her married initials will be

A bride-to-be has left people stunned when she revealed what her married initials would be.

Kathryn Keller is getting married in 2023 and she has been sharing her wedding plans on TikTok.

She said she’s “so excited” after just getting engaged and is already busy sorting invites and her dress.

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“But my fiancé gets a job in a different state, long distance our entire engagement,” she continued.

“We have to fly in for our own wedding.”

While Kathryn was busy prepping for her wedding, she also realised what her new initials would be.

Kathryn has been planning her wedding since she’s engaged (Image: Tiktok/keiththebride)

When she thinks of her married initials, she is shocked that it will be linked to a supremacist group(Image: Getty Images)

The TikToker will be called as Kathryn Keller Keith, or KKK for initials (Image: Getty Images)