Bride of Frankenstein Returns! Cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse

Each new month means a new limited-edition cookie at Gideon’s Bakehouse. This month the “Bride of Frankenstein Returns!” cookie can be purchased. The Disney Springs location still creates long queues for people desiring sweet treats here. On Monday October 3rd when I went, I queue formed before the store opened. Currently, they only utilize the virtual queue system on weekends though. Thus, I visited on a weekday to find delectable sweets here. Among the items I ordered, I selected the “Bride of Frankenstein Returns!” cookie. These cookies pair with the Frankenstein version to be the October cookies of the month. In addition, on Saturdays at both Gideon’s Bakehouse locations, you can purchase” Bride of Frankenstein” cake slices. That cake features vanilla and chocolate cake with golden Oreo buttercream.

Now, the “Bride” cookie looks monster-like. This cookie provides golden Oreos, M&M candies, and white chocolate. Gideon’s Bakehouse claims this makes a superior cookie. They, of course, ask you to be the judge.

If I get to be the judge, I agree that these cookies rates as superior. The white chocolate flavor tasted superior to Frankenstein Lives! cookie for example in my opinion. Those of you that prefer white chocolate will love this cookie. The sugary sweet taste of these cookies will smack your taste buds in a good way. Even if you feel confident enough to eat an entire cookie, the high sugar factor will slow you down. This cookie features lots of M&M candies. Somehow Gideon’s Bakehouse creates a cookie with candy toppings in which the candy holds positive flavor. I have never encountered a stale lacking moisture taste to candy within Gideon’s Bakehouse cookies.

I hesitate to mention any negatives because I enjoyed this cookie so much. Still, I found a few issues with these cookies. The crumble style topping falls off way too quickly potentially making a mess on your table and/or clothes. Also, the cookie portion itself tastes great. Still, the other components overwhelm that base cookie portion. For a very minor critique, the “Golden Oreo” flavor does not shine through with these cookies.

Hopefully you can tell I loved this cookie. If they offered it year-round, I would buy it year-round. If you enjoy this cookie, remember on Saturdays, Gideon’s Bakehouse will see a “Bride” cake in October also. As a reminder, Gideon’s celebrates Happy Hispanic Heritage Month each weekend through Oct 15th, so you can still get the Chocolate Churro Cookie and Cream Cheese Quesitos during that time.


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