Bride Opts For Money Man Rather Than Flower Girl At Wedding

A bride and groom decided to surprise their wedding guests by replacing the traditional flower girl with a ‘money man’. Watch below:

A video of the unusual wedding choice shared by Las Vegas events planner Events by Jenny has gone viral, receiving over 13 million views with 2.5 million likes with 12,000 comments on TikTok.

It starts with a man strolling down the aisle and begins to chuck money from his pockets at the stunned audience.

Credit: TikTok/@vegasweddingplanner

Jenny wrote: “Because who needs a flower girl when you can have a money man.”

The question that everyone’s asking, is it real money? Or the kind that Donald Trump threw at the audience at Wrestlemania?

According to The Sun, Jenny later confirmed that the money was real.

The comments section was full of baffled viewers who would have copped for the ‘free money’. I don’t blame them.

One said: “I would of got out of my seat and start to pick them up. Why they sitting there?”

While another user agreed and said: “Yall recording I would’ve been on the floor picking every single one.”

Credit: TikTok/@vegasweddingplannerCredit: TikTok/@vegasweddingplanner

Whether you think throwing money at people is morally right or wrong, it certainly has its benefits. A final user said: “Finally a reason to overcome my social anxiety and go to weddings!”

To be fair there are worse things that happen at weddings.

At a wedding in Michigan, US, a couple almost suffered the infamous Ross and Emily moment from friends, where Ross calls his bride-to-be ‘Rachel’ at the wedding by mistake.

Although not quite the same thing, Katelyn and Corey Love tied the knot on 31 May and were posing for wedding photos where the photographer seemed to get a bit confused.

In footage shared on social media by John Pattyson Videography, Katelyn and Corey can be seen standing alongside their bridesmaids and groomsmen looking really happy.

Then all of a sudden, the photographer calls the bride’s name out…only for it to be the same name as Corey’s Ex – Taylor.

Without trying to make a scene, Katelyn laughs off the incident.

The photographer says: “Corey and Taylor, look at each other.”

Realising her mistake, she then quickly apologises, saying: “Sorry, Katelyn.”

Chuckling, the bride replies: “That’s his ex.”

The photographer asks: “Are you serious?”

One groomsman shouted: “Oh my God!”

Deciding to share the decidedly awkward video to TikTok, @jpvideography2141 captioned it: “Photographer calls bride wrong name…which happens to be groom’s ex’s name… “