Bride refuses to marry after groom shows up drunk for wedding in Unnao

A bride in UP’s Unnao cancelled her wedding after the groom arrived drunk | Representative image courtesy of iStock

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  • The girl of Safipur area was set to marry a guy from Kanpur.
  • She decided against the marriage citing the groom’s drunkenness on the couple’s wedding day.
  • Both the families reached an amicable conclusion after police intervened.

The girl, a resident of the Safipur area, was set to tie the knot with a guy from Kanpur. However, when he arrived with the ‘Baraat’ while showing clear signs of intoxication, the bride refused to marry him and walked off the stage before they could even exchange garlands, according to an IANS report.The groom walked with an evidently alcoholic gait as he proceeded for the Jaimala ceremony, which he couldn’t see through after giving his fiancee second thoughts about the marriage.

While members of both the families tried to convince her, there was apparently nothing the groom could have done to win her over.

“What is the future of a man who could not keep his hands off alcohol on his own wedding day,” the bride said.

The matter was eventually resolved at a police station, where both sides agreed to return the valuables and cash exchanged during nuptials leading up to the wedding.

Safipur station house officer (SHO) Avanish Singh confirmed that the families had reached a mutual settlement.

It has been a year of some seemingly-audacious wedding cancellations, in most of which the woman called the shots.

In May, a bride in Madhya Pradesh’s Rewa passed up marriage with a partner who turned out to be an alcoholic – on her wedding day.

The post-garland ceremony drama at Neha Shukla’s wedding played out exactly like the incident in Unnao this month.

In that same week, a bride in Rajasthan reportedly married another man because “the groom turned up drunk”.