Bride Requests Women Wear No Perfume as Not To Compete With Flowers

By: Elizabeth Ervin
| Published:
March 17, 2023

As wedding preparations are underway, many brides-to-be are finalizing their plans for the big day. One bride, however, has made an unusual request for her female guests – to refrain from wearing any perfume. 

This request has sparked a debate among guests and the wider community, with some praising the bride for her consideration of others and her focus on the details of her wedding. In contrast, others see it as a divisive and potentially offensive request. 

However, that’s not even the entirety of her demands. Here’s the bigger picture.

The Full Request

The invite fully stated that everyone must arrive early to assist in setting up the marquee and decorations, costing $360 per person to be in attendance. Additionally, the men were required to help break down the marquee afterward. 

The bride also requested that no one, particularly women, wear overpowering scents as it would compete with the flowers she had chosen for the wedding. 

Additionally, no one could wear floral colors as it would be distracting in photos. Once completing the cleanup, attendees were requested to leave promptly.

Allergies or Asthma Is Understandable

Many in the thread agreed that asking guests not to wear overpowering scents due to allergies or asthma is understandable. 

However, they question the reasoning behind the request for not wearing perfumes that would compete with the flowers and mention that they have never been to a wedding where the flowers were so fragrant. One also expressed disbelief at the guests’ request for $360 and free labor.

No Problem With the No Perfume Rule

Another disagreed with the idea of charging guests $360 per head to attend the wedding and found it inappropriate that the couple requested guests to arrive early to help set up and break down the decorations. 

Furthermore, they find it unbelievable that the couple is expecting guests to contribute to the cost of their wedding and have no problem with the no perfume rule.

It’s Not the Perfume. It’s the Cost

Another agreed that they do not have an issue with the request not to wear perfume or specific colors. Still, they find it unreasonable to expect guests to pay $360 to attend the wedding and participate in decorating and breaking down decorations. “If the couple cannot afford a grand wedding, they should consider hosting a more casual event.”

Considerate for People Who Get Migraines

Someone shared that they understand the request for guests not to wear overpowering scents, as they are sensitive to perfume and can get migraines from it. They also mention having the same rule for their salon as they cannot work with a migraine.

Automatic No Thank You

Others expressed their opinions that an invitation that includes an amount to be paid to attend would be an automatic “thanks, I won’t be attending.” Several questioned if the couple would also be expecting a gift and free labor. 

They also expressed their doubt about the necessity of this request as they couldn’t imagine it would be enough to impact the smell around the whole venue and called it a mess.

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Save Up or Do a Courthouse Wedding

Finally, someone explained that one should only have one if one can afford an expensive wedding. This person also questions why people must rush into marriage and suggest they save up for the wedding they want, have a courthouse ceremony with a reception later, and not go into debt or make guests pay for it.

What do you think? Do you agree with Reddit about the perfume not being an issue? Would you pay $360 to attend a wedding that required you to break down the marquee afterward?

This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Budget Savvy Bride.


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