Bride shares the biggest mistake she made before her wedding day – and she still regrets it now

A RECENT bride has exposed her MASSIVE regret over showing people her wedding dress before the big day.

Nicole Pellegrino who got married earlier this year says that other people’s opinions can ruin your dress for you.


Nicole has one big regret about her weddingCredit: Tiktok/@nicolepellegrin0

Taking to her TikTok account Nicole said that you should only show your dress to your nearest and dearest.

“Grab your mom and your mother-in-law at that’s ALL” she captioned the post.

Posting under the domain @nicolepellegrin0 she said: “Biggest wedding regret. Hear me out. Do not show ANYONE your wedding dress before your wedding day and here’s why.”

“I was showing mine to literally anybody who asked, I’m not kidding, whether it was a friend, a distant relative, a co-worker, I was dollin photos of that dress out like hotcakes, and I regret it,” added Nicole.


The recently-married woman said that she could tell by people’s expression if they didn’t like her dress, even if she didn’t say it.

“People are bad liars and no matter how hard they try, if they don’t like your dress when you show them that photo, it will show on their face. Their true feelings will show” said Nicole.

Adding: “So even if you truly love your dress and feel great in it, those little opinions will subconsciously start to taint your perspective of your own dress.”

The Newlywed advises that you should only bring people you really trust with you shopping, and only let people in this small circle see your dress in advance of the wedding.

“Instead, grab two to three people that you really trust, and you want their opinions on the dress, take them shopping with you, have them support you throughout the way, only show them,” she says.

Adding: “That way, on the big day, it’s a big surprise for everybody, all your bridesmaids will see it for the first time, it’s really special, and you don’t have to deal with people’s opinions.”

The “wedding Regret” post has been viewed over 294k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

“This is REALLY good advice” commented one person.

Another TikTok user said: “Yes 100% agree with this. The dress I’m going to wear isn’t a basic dress, some people have given me really negative feedback on it.”

“Yes! I can relate to this! I’ve had so many doubts about my dress over the past few weeks all because of one persons’ comment and my reaction” commented a third.

Nicole says not to show your dress to just anyone


Nicole says not to show your dress to just anyoneCredit: Tiktok/@nicolepellegrin0
Her advice: keep your circle small when dress shopping


Her advice: keep your circle small when dress shoppingCredit: Tiktok/@nicolepellegrin0

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