Bride Shares Video Of Her Mom ‘Ruining’ Her Wedding Dress Reveal

A woman who thought she would be recording her friends’ first reaction to her wedding dress ended up capturing her mom ruing the moment.

Wedding dress reveals are one of the most exciting parts of the morning of the wedding but one bride had to share the spotlight.

In the TikTok video, the bride’s mother block her during her wedding dress reveal. 

She wrote in her caption, “When you’ve been waiting six months to do a wedding dress reveal for your bridesmaids and your mother ruins it.

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The video started with the bride stepping out of the dressing room all dolled up in her wedding dress ready to show everyone.

Her face glows with a smile that shows how eager she’s been to show off her dress.

After the door opens, her smile turns into a frown as her mother steps out in front of her, blocking her, completely unaware that she had ruined the bride’s precious moment.

Despite her dress reveal being ruined, the bride didn’t harbor any hard feelings for her mother as she posted a second video where she brushed past the moment.

After her mother got out of her way, the bride moved on and brought her smile back to her face.

She then walked out of the dressing room and walked slowly toward her bridesmaids.

All of the bridesmaids also didn’t think much of the ruined moment either and focused on the bride when they saw her in the wedding dress.

Everyone showed excitement for the bride as soon she stepped out of the room and praised the bride for her beautiful dress. 

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The bride then went ahead and hugged all of her bridesmaids while some can be seen getting a bit teary.

They can then be seen animatedly talking amongst themselves about the wedding dress and admiring the bride’s beauty.

TikTok users soon slammed the bride’s mother for spoiling the reveal.

One user wrote, “She couldn’t wait? Or did she want to quickly get out of the way to enjoy the moment too [with] the others?”

Another user wrote, “All she had to do was go out the room before the bride opened the door. then she could have enjoyed the magical moment too. I would be irritated!”

“The way she looked at the camera before pulling that move,” another person wrote.

However, there were many people who thought that the bride’s mother didn’t ruin the moment and it was just an innocent mistake.

One person wrote, “She wanted to be in the room helping you but she also wanted the reveal experience with everyone else. Mom was trying her best.”

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Another person wrote, “Aww she looks like she was rushing to remove herself from your spot. Unfortunately, it’s one of those ‘good intentions don’t count’ moments.”

“Your mom did not ruin it. She was trying to get out the way they were around the corner,” one person commented.

Despite the many people’s comments on TikTok, the bride has clarified that she thought of this moment as comical and posted this video as something to look back upon and laugh at.

The bride wrote in the comments section, “Just sharing a funny memory from the most special day of my life- it’s not deep, relax.”

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