Bride Sing Song For Ex | The bride reached the studio with the groom to get the song recorded for ‘Ex-Boyfriend’, the story told in tears, watch the video. Navabharat

Pic – Instagram/bhutni_ke_memes

Mumbai : You must have heard various unique stories like love and break-up by now, but you have hardly seen anyone singing a song for your ex-boyfriend at your own wedding. . You will be very surprised to see this video going viral on social media. In which a new bride reached the studio with her husband to record a song for her ex.

X’s wedding to burn

In the video you can see that the bride reaches the studio with her husband. The girl tells the person making the video that she loves her boyfriend while he does with another girl. On this the person asked why did you get married then? So the girl says that to burn her boyfriend. She thought that when she is getting married to another boy, then the boyfriend will come there and break her marriage, but he did not come.

Significantly, this video has been shared on Instagram with an Instagram account named bhutni_ke_memes. Where this video is being liked very much by the people. Let us tell you that after seeing the video, a user wrote in the comment, ‘Why, has it become true love?’ However, we do not confirm how much truth is in this video.

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