Bride Slammed for Firing Religious Sister as Bridesmaid Over Dress

A woman has taken to Reddit to share how she removed her sister from her bridal party because “she won’t wear the bridesmaids dress,” and many online are outraged.

Writing on the the “Am I The A**hole” subreddit, a forum for people to share stories to ascertain whether or not they’re in the wrong, an account by the name of Flowersareforever explained she and her fiancé are getting married in August.

The 26-year-old then went on reveal she had asked her sister, 24, to be a bridesmaid but has since asked “her to leave the bridal party.”

She then explained the reason why, writing: “The dress I selected for my bridesmaids is very summery: pink, strapless, and knee-length.

“However, a few years ago, my sister converted to a very conservative church, and her new church has very strict modesty rules that do not allow her to show her arms, legs, or any of her chest or back.”

The bride-to-be explained that she “argued over the bridesmaid dress” with her sister who then offered to “wear leggings under the dress and have the top altered or wear a cardigan.”

However, the woman rejected this offer as it “would look very strange in my bridal party photos.”

The story poster then revealed that her sister has since been “really upset, and now she feels like she shouldn’t come to the wedding at all.

“But at the same time, I feel like her duty as a bridesmaid is to wear what I want her to, so I had the right to ask her to leave the party.”

She ended the post by asking: “AITA [Am I the a**hole]??”

The post, which was shared on January 24, has garnered close to 6,800 upvotes and more than 2,800 comments online, the majority outraged at the bride-to-be’s actions.

One Redditor, Any-Pay-974, wrote a comment which received 16,900 upvotes, explaining: “YTA [you’re the a**hole]. Can’t believe I’m sticking up for a religious exemption, but what if it was a hijab?

“If you’re more invested in your uniform bridal photo than your sister, you should probably reassess.”

Another person, Tlacuache_Snuggler, agreed, adding: “That’s a really good point. I have a bad taste in my mouth from personal experiences with conservative Christian stuff (just assuming that’s the religion in question here), but would feel 100% pissed if OP [original poster] was refusing to allow someone to wear a hijab.

“But you’re right, there’s really no difference here. OP [original poster] is def TA [the a**hole].”

Tiphnie typed: “But the flip side to that is if I knew I wanted my sister in my wedding AND I knew she had converted to a very conservative church (she says they are very close and it was a few years ago she can’t claim she didn’t know) I would make sure that either I chose a dress she could wear OR make sure there was an option that would make it ok.”

Micandacam advised: “At the very least take sister to the dress shop and see what they can do with the dress.

“Putting leggings and a cardigan with a summery dress seems kind of ridiculous, but maybe a good seamstress can come up with an overlay that will honor the bride’s vision and sister’s restrictions. At least try.”

Jormungandrstail stated: “The sister also offered other ways to still wear the dress and OP still wouldn’t budge. OP [original poster] also said that the sister converted a few years ago so… did she pick this dress knowing the modesty standards and just expected her to go along?”

Funkymorganics1 revealed: “Me too. I reverted to Islam in March of last year and my best friend had been planning her wedding for some time. She was very respectful and allowed me to wear a modest dress and hijab.”

A stock image of a bridal party at a wedding. On Reddit, one bride-to-be has demoted her sister from being a bridesmaid because she won’t wear the chosen dress.