Bride tells guests to ‘put your phones away’ as she walks down the aisle: ‘Haters going to hate’

A bride sparked a debate when she banned guests from taking photos at her wedding.

TikToker @_jenngee shared a memorable moment from her wedding, saying, “haters going to hate but I was surrounded by love this day.” The bride told guests not to take photos at the wedding. But walking down the aisle, she noticed some guests were breaking the rules.

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“When there was: A sign An announcement and reminders from bridesmaids,” the video text read.

As the bride walked down the aisle, she was quick to tell any guests who had their cameras out to “put your phones away.” The bride advised others to “stick up for what you want. Those who love you will still love you.”

However, her rule received mixed reactions. While some saw it as controlling, others saw it as sensible.

“If I see a phone when I’m walking down the aisle… I’m taking it with me,” a TikToker replied.

“I support this,” a user said.

“We understand the struggle, my fiance’s PARENTS aren’t coming to our wedding tomorrow because of this one and only rule,” another commented.

“The way I didn’t notice ANYONE when walking down the aisle because I was focused on my groom at the end!” someone added.

“We encouraged everyone to take as many pictures as they wanted — some of their pictures are my favorite. Too busy being happy to try to control guests,” a person wrote.

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