Bride-to-be horrified after realising what her married initials will be

A BRIDE-TO-BE has been left horrified after realising what her initials will be once she gets married.

Kathryn took to her TikTok page to share a video of herself repeating “Oh my God, oh my God,” over the top of which she wrote: “When I tell people what my initials will after my wedding will be…”

Kathryn’s initials will be KKK when she gets married this JuneCredit: TikTok/@keiththebride/
She’s even considering changing her middle name to avoid the awkwardnessCredit: TikTok/@keiththebride/

Kathryn’s middle name is Keller, and she will be marrying into the Keith family in June this year.

“For reference, when I get married, my initials will be KKK,” she said in another video.

“I’m obviously not affiliated with them at all, it’s just a very unfortunate circumstance,” she added, referencing white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan.

Some people in the comments section suggested that Kathryn should change her middle name, but she said: “What would I even change it to, there are so many options!”

“If middle name is Keller, what about Ellery or Elle to keep as many letters similar as possible?” one person suggested.

To which Kathryn replied: “Okay wait I love this!!! This might be my favourite idea, I hadn’t thought of that!”

“Just change the spelling of your current middle name to start with a c,” another wrote.

But Kathryn wasn’t convinced by that, replying: “Then it would be Celler like the basement…”

“It’s traditional to use your maiden name as your middle name after marriage,” another wrote.

However, she insisted that her maiden name is “hella long” to do that with.

“I think you should keep your initials,” someone else argued.

“It’s very unique and original!!”

However, Kathryn responded: “I’ll get crap for them often though, so offensive even if it’s not my fault.”