Bride-to-be says she’s considering putting unvaccinated wedding guests on one ‘anti-vax’ table

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A bride based in Sydney has said she’s considering seating all of her unvaccinated guests together on a single “anti-vax” table.

Speaking on the Australian radio show Kyle and Jackie-O on KIIS 106.5, the woman, named Heidi, explained that her wedding takes place in March 2022.

“I’m thinking do I have a special ‘anti-vax table’ so all the other guests are a little bit more at ease with having people that aren’t vaccinated there – or do I not worry about it?” Heidi asked the two radio hosts, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

Sandilands replied by reassuring Heidi that vaccinated guests were “protected”.

“The anti-vaccinated, they’ve chosen not to do it for whatever reason, that’s fine, it’s their own choice,” he told her.

O’Henderson added: “I don’t think separating them at a table is going to do anything, like everyone’s going to be dancing.”

Both radio hosts agreed it would be “reasonable” to ask all unvaccinated guests to take a Covid-19 test before the wedding.

“It’s so standard these days, Heidi, and especially with the at-home [tests] it’s pretty easy to do,” O’Henderson said.

Due to current restriction in New South Wales, those who are unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated are only permitted to attend “a small wedding service”.

This means they can only attend a wedding with up to 11 people, including those getting married, the person officiating the marriage, two witnesses, someone to record the service, and five guests.

“All people who are not fully vaccinated at a small wedding service must be seated while consuming alcohol and while eating and drinking,” the New South Wales government website adds.

Dancing is permitted, however.

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