Bride-to-Be Searching for Stolen Custom Wedding Dress (Video)

Details on the dress. [Image enhanced to show details]

Two and a half months ago, Arcata resident Blake Hickman found the perfect wedding dress. On Wednesday, it was delivered by FedEx to her place in Valley West about 4:30 p.m. and sometime before 6:30 p.m. a man took the package from her porch.

Surveillance tape of the theft. [The timestamps on the video are incorrect]

“The wedding dress was custom made by a woman on Etsy,” Blake told us. “[The dress] took her about two and a half months to make, and cost around $500 after shipping.”

Dress as originally posted.

Dress as originally posted.

Blake believes the man who stole her dress is a man who goes by Aleck. “When my fiancé (Jesse McKneely) and I tracked Aleck down he said he gave/traded the dress to a girl named Megan,” Blake told us. “A few of the other local homeless informed us that Megan had reportedly taken and sold the dress to a local shop, but no one could say which one and no one has seen Megan since Thursday morning so we were unable to ask her directly.”

Blake is hoping the community can help her. “If anyone sees this dress show up in any of the local shops, Craigslist, or Facebook marketplace please contact me and let me know,” she asked. Her email is [email protected]

We’ve got our fingers crossed that someone out there has seen this beautiful custom dress and the community can get it back to Blake before her wedding day.