Bride to be speaks out after closure of Hunday Manor, Workington

A BRIDE-TO-BE has spoken out about the stress she has faced following the apparent closure of a popular Workington Hotel.

Hunday Manor Hotel in Windscales, Workington has displayed a sign in the window saying that they would be closed ‘until further notice’ – causing many to fear for the business’s future.

Members of the public have alleged on social media that staff were told the venue would close and not be re-opening again over the course of last weekend.

A bride-to-be, who did not want to be named, had her wedding booked at the venue for May of this year. She has said the sudden closure of the venue and lack of communication from the establishment has caused much stress and upset to her and other people in a similar position.

The woman said: “We booked our wedding in January, we put down the deposit and more in January.

“Immediately I tried to ring Hunday Manor thinking, ‘is this real?’

The bride rang the hotel at various times on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning before visiting the venue on Wednesday evening to see that it was to be closed for three days.

On the Wednesday she found out that a funeral tea had been cancelled at the hotel for the following day. Visiting on Thursday morning she saw the sign now read ‘closed until further notice’.

The woman also alleges that on further research into the situation, she found out the venue had been double booked on the day of her wedding.

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She said: “I was obviously stressed originally, but then I found out the day had been double booked and I was just really upset. Regardless of the situation my wedding was never going to go ahead there anyway because it had been double booked.

“I just feel completely left in the dark, I don’t know whether I will even get my money back or not.

“It’s been very stressful. I have actually got another venue, but I’ve have had to adjust times with all my other people – the photographer, the cars, bouncy castles…

“I’ve got family travelling up north and even from overseas to come to this wedding, so I didn’t want to change the day because people have had flights booked and everything, so I have been quite lucky to get a venue on that day.”

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“I have had no contact from the hotel whatsoever.

“I just wish they could have at least put a post on Facebook to just say what had happened it would have been better – rather than just sitting quiet and saying nothing.”

Hunday Manor Hotel have been approached for a comment about the hotel closure, but have not yet commented on the situation.

Workington MP Mark Jenkinson said: “I don’t know any of the detail on the situation of the company and wouldn’t like to speculate.

“However, I am here to help anyone who has been in the lurch in regard to bookings and employees.”

The company Western Lake District Hotels Ltd, who run both the  who own both the Hunday Manor Hotel, Workington and Fredericks Bar and Lounge, Cockermouth filed a notice for compulsory strike-off on Companies House- meaning that they have now started the process of the companies dissolution.