Bride-to-Be Tells Dad She Wants To Get Married in Backyard and He Turns It Into the Ultimate Venue

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What’s better than having your wedding in your own backyard? Right! Nothing! It’s also cheaper, and more intimate since it’s within your own four walls. That way you can save money for a honeymoon. 

TikTik creator Nina Salci was so lucky to have her dad help her with her childhood backyard wedding preparations. Let’s check out what he created!

Wow, it’s beautiful!

How sweet of him! This is the best wedding gift ever!

For eight months, Nina’s dad watered, trimmed, planted, and built so the backyard looked exactly how she envisioned it to be. 

As shown in the video, he built the gazebo from scratch with scrap wood, and also gave it a nice paint job. He also created a path with rocks and tiles. As seen here, the backyard wedding was a true success and his work was appreciated not only by Nina, but also the guests. And it seems like what he built, held up pretty well. 

TikTok was also obsessed with Nina’s dad, looking at the many comments the video received.

As TikToker @ms.kida1 commented,

“He did an incredible job!”

Agreed. And he mostly did everything by himself. 

And TikToker @kathyxoxo___ posted,

“This is so sweet.” 

It certainly is. 

He sure got emotional on her wedding day, but not because of all the work he put into the wedding venue, but because daddy’s little girl was getting married. There’s just something about small backyard weddings, that makes everyone turn on the waterworks.

TikToker @besteventsco also mentioned,

“Backyard weddings are so precious.”

Indeed, they are. 

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