Bride-To-Be With COVID Praised for Refusing To Cancel 16K ‘Dream Wedding’

A woman set to wed over the weekend has been supported online after confessing that she plans to continue with her wedding, despite testing positive for COVID-19.

The bride-to-be described in a popular post to forum Mumsnet that she was having a “major meltdown” after testing positive during routine workplace testing, without any symptoms.

“I am getting married on Sunday and having a large wedding with 80 day guests and an additional 100 at night. We have spent around 16k on the wedding and I have contacted my insurance provider and they are telling me I am not covered as current guidance would allow me to go ahead,” she wrote.

Stock image of a bride wearing a face covering.
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The venue, she said, has informed her that it is also too late to cancel with all food and drinks ordered ahead of time.

“We have saved for years and years to have our wedding the way we want it, I really don’t know what to do. If I cancel, I will lose so much money and won’t be able to have our dream wedding ever.”

In the U.K., where the poster is from, it is not legal protocol to isolate when testing positive for COVID anymore. However, official guidelines do still recommend that people “try to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for five days” after testing positive.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the U.S. similarly recommends that those attending a gathering should think about what steps they can take to protect themselves and loved ones from COVID-19, including staying at home if you are experiencing symptoms and “communicate with the people you will meet with about prevention strategies.”

The post received over 180 responses, with many encouraging the bride to carry on with her big day regardless of the test results.

“Just go ahead and don’t even worry about it. I wouldn’t tell people as I wouldn’t want mass hysteria/ swathes of drop outs,” advised one user. “The bonus of it being your wedding if presumably you know if anyone is particularly vulnerable. I would tell someone going through cancer treatment for example. People are aware that going to a wedding at the moment will likely expose them to COVID as numbers are quite high. Plus you would never have known had it not been through work. Most people aren’t testing.”

“Have your wedding. Tell no one,” recommended another. “If it wasn’t for your work testing you’d never know. And it’s highly likely that five-10 percent of your guests will have it without even realizing. There is no legal requirement to test or isolate. Have a fab day!!”

Another added: “You won’t be the only one there with COVID. Absolutely guarantee many other people will have it and won’t even know. Go ahead.”

Others, however, warned that should she go ahead with the big day, she should morally alert guests so they can decide for themselves. “I think it’s only fair to let your guests know so they can make a decision as to whether they go or not. I’ve very recently had COVID and was very, very poorly. After a month I’m still not recovered,” noted one user.

The bride-to-be confirmed in a follow-up comment that they have decided to continue with the wedding, but will ensure that all guests are aware of the situation.

“We will speak to the venue to go outside for as much as possible and see if there is anything else they can put in place we haven’t thought of,” she wrote.

This bride certainly wouldn’t be the first to have her day impacted by a COVID test result. In 2021 in Indonesia, a bride was left marrying her groom via a television screen, after he had to be isolated due to COVID.

According to the bride’s makeup artist, who shared the story to TikTok, “the bride and groom and their families decided that the event would continue.”