Bride-to-Be’s Eco-Friendly Wedding Bouquet Is Absolutely Breathtaking and Perfect For Sustainable Brides

Many people have turned toward using more sustainable options as way to be more kind to the earth by reducing their waste. For these people, they’ve adapted a more eco-friendly lifestyle by using less plastic and adapting more eco-friendly and reusable items into their lifestyle. Which is exactly what this low-waste, plant based TikToker Maria (@livingplanetfriendly) is doing.

Not only does she have a planet-friendly, sustainable household, she’s planning to do the same thing for her wedding. Rather than have a typical floral bouquet made of real flowers, she opted to use the renewable and eco-friendly Sola Wood flowers and her wedding bouquet is absolutely gorgeous!


As she mentioned in the video, she’s planning her eco-friendly wedding and so far, she’s been able to remain true to her lifestyle throughout the entire wedding planning process. Her most recent favorite find for her eco-friendly wedding is this beautiful red, indigo, pink and blush colored floral bouquet. Surrounded by beautiful pops of greenery throughout the reusable bouquet, she was able to get this realistic-looking second-hand bouquet off of Facebook Marketplace for $150, saving over $50 off of the original price!

What a beautiful and reusable option for sustainable brides!