Bride told to lose weight or pay for wedding dress

Many brides would do anything for their dream wedding dress, but one woman is simply horrified by the ultimatum presented to her by her bridal shop – either lose weight or pay up.

The bride’s friend, who posted about the ordeal to Mumsnet, said she was simply “shocked”.

“My friend has ordered a very expensive wedding dress from a well-known designer…. she went to be measured this week and was told that because she was ‘in between’ sizes she would either have to pay £450 ($749) extra to have it made to her exact size or sign a waiver agreeing to lose around a stone before her final fitting, which is four months before her actual wedding next June,” she wrote.

“Is this normal? I think it’s horrifying and toxic!”

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The woman was “horrified” by the ultimatum. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Commenters agreed with the woman.

“Completely unenforceable. Why do businesses get people to sign these completely useless waivers? Why are they so badly informed about legal obligations?” said one commenter.

“Or she could gain a stone and buy the next size up? Seems a reasonable solution,” suggested another.

“The waiver presumably just says it’s not their fault if she doesn’t fit the size she’s ordered,” one explained.

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But some questioned the bride’s decision.

Bride shopping for wedding dressSome argued that the bride has her pick of dresses. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“So instead of ordering the bigger size that does fit her body and paying for alterations she’s buying a dress that is too small? Wedding dress shops see this all the time – brides aiming to lose weight between ordering and the wedding and if they don’t then they get stuck with a dress that is too small,” one commenter questioned.

“She had a choice not to sign anything and go to different shop. Can’t see the problem here,” agreed another.

“I think it’s fair enough. What are they supposed to do?” said one commenter. “No idea if it’s normal or not – but it does seem sensible,” another added.

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