Bride walks to her ‘mandap’ with her grandfather holding her late father’s portrait. Watch

The day of one’s wedding is one of the most special days of a person’s life. It is a day when the couple getting married wants to be close to their loved ones. In a heartfelt gesture, a woman walked to her ‘mandap’ with a photo of her late father. Her father passed away when she was nine years old and she was raised by her grandfather. She wanted to pay tribute to both of them, so she walked down the aisle, holding her grandfather’s hand and with a portrait of her late father.

A video of the emotional moment was shared on Instagram by the page Humans of Bombay Wednesday. The woman, named Priyanka, got married in July this year after flying down from London. She shared in the caption that her father used to bring her mangoes in the summer as she loved them.

Her father was diagnosed with cancer and in his last two years, he spent most of his time in bed. However, he would still ask about her. Her grandfather looked after her and over the years, gave her a lot of things, such as toys and dresses.

Her grandfather’s “most precious gift” came in the form of acceptance as he agreed to let her move to London to pursue her Master’s. He even told her, “You choose a man for yourself!”

Priyanka found the love of her life and chose to get married in July. She flew down from London and they had a grand wedding. She still missed her father and wanted him to be a part of her big day.
She decided to hold her father’s photo as she walked down the aisle. She said a lot of relatives were apprehensive and said things like, “What’s the point of this.” However, her grandfather and she ignored them and walked down the aisle holding hands, holding back tears.

Watch the video below:

The video has received more than 7.21 lakh views since being posted. “I can totally feel this…every father is a super hero to her daughter. and that place be taken by anybody else,” commented an Instagram user. “God bless you and your family,” said another.