Bride Who Broke Her Foot on Wedding Day Shares the Aftermath in Viral Clip

A newlywed ended her big day in the emergency room after breaking her foot at her wedding reception.

In a viral video posted by cocktailsanddogtails on TikTok, newlywed Chelsea could be seen leaving the hospital wearing her wedding dress paired with a big boot.

The video has racked up over 109,000 likes and many users have demanded the story behind the injury.

Wedding day blues. Stock Image. A woman has gone viral after breaking her foot on her wedding day.
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Over 2 million people have watched the video of Chelsea, who can be seen smiling throughout the ordeal. You can watch the video here.

According to the law firm Buckingham, LaGrandeur and Williams, slipping and falling are the most common causes of accidents at a wedding. The firm’s website documents various cases where guests have slipped on spilled food and drinks, a poorly installed dance floor or even on the bridal bouquet’s rose petals.

The law firm explained that, in most cases, the bride and groom are not liable for the injuries sustained as it is most often the venue’s fault… Or as in one of the cases mentioned above, the dance floor installer.

Website Top Wedding Sites urges couples to prioritize wedding insurance, especially if the venue is your own home. The website also recommends asking about a venue’s insurance policy. While these policies vary, they generally offer protection against the financial consequences of claims of property damage and bodily injury to third parties that arise from incidents at a wedding.

Chelsea, from Vancouver, Canada, has been comforted by her followers and it turns out she isn’t the only bride to suffer a broken foot.

The top comment, which has received over 1,250 likes, read: “Wishing you a speedy recovery! I broke my ankle six weeks ago… the day before my wedding!”

Other users have demanded “story time” and they might want to stay tuned as Chelsea mentioned the incident was potentially captured on camera.

Other comments from curious TikTokers wanted to know if she had returned to the party.

The original poster informed others there was just an hour left and joked the incident was “good timing.”

It seems a lot of people could relate to the video as they could be seen tagging friends and saying: “This would happen to me.”

While most TikTokers could see the funny side, one user suggested the incident is a negative sign for the marriage, it said: “Guess I am a bit superstitious, but this can’t be a good omen.”

Newsweek reached out to @cocktailsanddogtails and was not able to verify the details of the case.