Bride Wonders If She’s In The Wrong After Uninviting Friends To Wedding Who Demanded Alcohol Be Served

A bride wonders if she’s in the wrong after uninviting her friend to her wedding after he demanded alcohol to be served at the reception.

Posting to the subreddit “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA), the woman explained that she’s gotten mixed reactions from different people in her life over her decision to revoke her friend’s invitation to her wedding and refuse to provide alcohol for him.

The bride-to-be decided to not serve alcohol to the guests at her wedding and opted to have a “dry wedding” instead.

The woman, 25, wrote in her post that she and her fiancé, 24, decided that they didn’t want to serve any alcoholic beverages on their special day since they don’t drink at all.

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“We were debating about getting a cash bar but then decided to no alcohol at all. (There will be a wide range of other drinks, not just juice, and soda, provided),” she said.

The woman made sure to inform all of the guests “via invitations” that they wouldn’t have to “be worried about choosing a driver or paying a taxi, since everybody will be able to drive.”

Immediately after sending out the invitations with the “dry wedding” notice, the woman received a call from her friend asking if she was joking about it.

The woman’s friend demanded to be served alcohol at her wedding.

“He asked what was wrong with me and how is supposed to have fun without alcohol and how he should function that night. And that it was not alright to [choose] a dry wedding,” the bride continued.

After listening to her friend’s rant, the bride-to-be told him that she was “not obligated” to provide alcohol at her wedding if she wasn’t comfortable doing so.

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The woman also told him that “if he needs alcohol so badly and cannot function without it for even one night with people he knew, that he might be having an alcohol problem and should consider therapy to treat it.”

The bride’s friend didn’t take her remark well and instantly got angry, leading the woman to revoke his invitation until he apologized for the many “slurs” he used against her.

She concluded her post by explaining that a lot of her friends are divided over her decision, with some saying she was in the wrong while others say she was right to uninvite her friend.

Under the woman’s post, however, Reddit users agreed that the bride was NTA (Not The A-hole).

“I think it’s really weird that so many people seem to think you’re in the wrong here. Alcohol culture is so dangerous and so normalized. It’s your wedding, your money, so it’s your call anyway,” one user wrote.

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Another user chimed in, writing, “It is worrisome that someone would be that horrified by the idea of having to socialize sober for one evening and you didn’t suggest that he had a problem until he badgered you about your decision to not to serve alcohol.”

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