Bride Wore Sheer Wedding Dress With Daring Slit, Removable Sleeve

Babis-Whitcomb bought a wedding dress in 2019, but it didn’t feel right as she got closer to the big day.

Nathalie Babis-Whitcomb didn’t wear the first wedding dress she bought.

Barbarossa Studio

Babis-Whitcomb initially went wedding-dress shopping in September 2019, a month after she got engaged.

“I purchased a gown, which was the first one I tried on and I loved it,” she told Insider. “But as you know, that could be a mistake sometimes.”

As their engagement extended, wedding-dress trends changed, as did Babis-Whitcomb’s budget, because staying home during the pandemic allowed the Whitcombs to save money.

A year later, in September 2020, Babis-Whitcomb decided to shop for a dress again, planning to sell her original dress if she found something she liked more than the first gown she bought.