Bride Writes ‘Poem’ For Wedding Guests To Share Regulations

Weddings can call for joyous and momentous times, but they can also be huge sources of stress.

Luckily, there is a forum where you can go to vent out all your wedding frustrations, whether it comes to the groom, bride, family, or all three.

One woman took to the subreddit “r/weddingshaming” so she could get an unapologetic opinion about her COVID-cautious wedding.

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She wanted the guests of her wedding to comply with very specific sanitary requests.

The post began with the bride describing the wedding as “small” that included 100 guests and a bridal party.

She expressed concern over her wedding becoming a “super-spreader event,” and claimed that her family was “very much into cleaning and are borderline germaphobic.”

The plan was to have 10 tables in total, with 9 being in the main hall and a single table in a separate room.

They allowed “select guests” into a private room for photos.

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The bride wanted to make sure that every guest attending understood the rules of the wedding.

In order to get the message across, a poem was written for the wedding guests. 

She would print a poem on heavy stock paper and put one on every table:

“We are so happy you’re all here

To celebrate our marriage from far and near

With RSV, influenza, & COVID-19 in the air

We want to make you all aware

While we want to embrace and dance the night away

Please resist the urge and keep at bay,”

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The poem continues, reading:

“If you must approach, sanitize your hands and wear a mask

We promise this reception will still be a blast

We will make sure we give each other plenty of kisses

Only shower us with blessings and well wishes

Thank you for helping us stay healthy!”

Her family had mixed opinions about her guidelines, with the sister and mother thinking it was “a great way to establish boundaries.”

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She continued the post by outlining that every guest had to be tested for COVID “week prior to, two days before, and day of” their wedding.

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Readers thought the wedding was just a “gift grab.”

“I saw this today on [the subreddit] weddingplanning and have been waiting for it to appear here. Why not just elope/have a dinner with a very small group of immediate family??” said one user.

Another user responded to that comment “Because…presents? That’s honestly the only thing that makes sense to me. It’s such an.obvious gift grab, while letting her guests know they’re not special enough to expose her precious wedding party.”

A third user said, “Good grief. If they’re that concerned just don’t do the wedding. Or at that point ask people to wear N95s. The few people who will be willing to do it are the ones who really want to be there.”

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