Brides mocked for wearing blinged-out Crocs on their big day

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Let’s hope they’re something borrowed.

Brides have been criticized online for sporting Crocs down the aisle on their big day.

In a Facebook group titled “Wedding Ideas,” one user sparked a heated debate over the wedding day footwear, with opinionated brides arguing about whether the casual fashion choice is stylish or tacky.

Captioned “Wedding crocs? Yes or No?!”, the post, which racked up 29,000 comments and more than 5,000 reactions, included a photo of bridesmaids in purple dresses donning matching lavender Crocs.

The post comes as Crocs are making a comeback.

In recent years, fans of the comfortable rubber slip-ons have flocked to secure a pair, to such an extent that the company reported a surge in sales last year.

In January 2022, CEO Andrew Rees reported that revenue increased 67% in the prior year.

The intense debate unfurled in the comments section of a Facebook post, which showed bridesmaids sporting matching Crocs. On Etsy, bridal Crocs have boomed.megansshoecharms/Etsy

But not everyone is aboard the Croc train — despite the footwear being both affordable and comfortable. Even celebrities sporting the brand on the red carpet haven’t convinced diehard haters to say “I do” to the style.

“I hate few things in life but Crocs are at the top of my list. And when coordinated with an outfit. Lord help me I physically shudder,” one Facebook user commented.

“That looks crocs. I mean gross. Just being honest. They surely could of worn a flat pretty sandal or shoe. I hope the bride didn’t wear her crocs. Such a turn off,” another bride wrote.

“That’s the problem”, one dismayed bride chimed in, “people have no class anymore. No one dresses up, it’s all about comfort.”

“The only reason crocs have holes in is to let all your self-respect and dignity run out through them!!!!” someone else quipped.

Meanwhile, other women championed the footwear — one even claimed she wore a pair of bedazzled Crocs to tie the knot, saying she “regrets nothing.”

The bridal Crocs market, albeit niche, does seem to have gained traction. Etsy vendors sell custom-made, blinged-out white Crocs for over $100. For comparison, a typical pair retails for about $50 depending on the style.

Various Etsy listings show bridal Crocs custom-made for the big day.ShelbpezBoutique/Etsy

“I vote yes,” another Facebook user agreed. “Comfortable happy feet mean happy bridesmaids. Hopefully, they can dance in Crocs.”

“Often I see gals dancing barefoot because they can’t stand the pain of their shoes,” she added. “That makes no sense to me lol. Why hurt yourself to look good to other women who are also hurting their feet knees backs and necks with uncomfortable shoes!”

“I am not a heel person at all,” a comfort-first bride wrote. “Converse for the ceremony and crocs for the reception.”

In recent years, the Croc craze has only increased as more people flock to get their hands — and feet — on the rubber clogs.Alamy

“The appearance is not unpleasant and lets face it, dancing in heels is painful and challenging,” someone else commented. “One must be comfortable to enjoy such a wonderful and momentous day. The down side is that feet sweat in crocs and that could be a bit embarrassing. I hope the wedding is everything you hope, whoever you are.”

“It’s your wedding! If you want Crocs have Crocs!” another reasoned.

For brides-to-be wanting to class up their pair of standard rubber clogs, Balenciaga makes stilettos that resemble the iconic footwear — to the tune of more than $800.

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