Bride’s Plan to Serve Only Water at Wedding Because It’s ‘Cheaper’ Blasted

Bride’s Plan to Serve Only Water at Wedding Because It’s ‘Cheaper’ Blasted

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most expensive events in people’s lives. Many times, we witness couples spending their entire savings on their wedding, and yet it still seems insufficient. The average couple in America spends around $30,000 on their wedding, but some couples try to cut costs by not offering expensive luxuries like an open bar or a fancy three-course dinner. Still, for one bride, budget-saving measures went too far when she decided to serve only water at her wedding.

The story of the bride’s plan to serve only water at her wedding went viral after it was shared on social media. According to the reports, the bride believed that serving only water would save her and her partner a considerable amount. However, her plan didn’t sit well with everyone, and they called her out for being cheap.

Many people were quick to point out that serving only water was a terrible idea even if the bride wanted to save money on her wedding. Weddings are special events, and people expect to have an amazing time. People go to weddings to eat and drink, dance and socialize, and celebrate the happy couple. So, by providing only water, the party would fall flat, and guests would leave disappointed.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep guests hydrated at weddings, especially if the day is sunny and hot. Dehydration can cause many health problems, including headaches, nausea, and even fainting. Inadequate hydration may also cause the guests to leave early before the party has even started. Serving only water can send a message of carelessness or that the couple does not care about the comfort of their guests.

Additionally, a wedding is a celebration of love, and the meal serves as one of the major highlights of the event, where guests anticipate sampling once-in-a-lifetime dishes. Wedding guests expect to be catered to, and the quality of the food and drinks being served is a significant aspect of the wedding’s success. A couple has the option to serve more affordable foods than lobster or steaks, but they can still offer the guests a diverse menu to choose from.

The bride’s decision serves as an example of something we call in economics an externality. In this case, the decision to save costs of serving drinks at the wedding, instead of benefiting guests, harms them. It is crucial to remember that when planning a wedding, a couple’s decisions affect their guests, so they should consider what their guests will need and want while still balancing their budget.

A wedding is a time to celebrate love, and happiness. While it is reasonable to think of cost-cutting measures, a couple needs to think of what works best for their guests while keeping the budget in balance. By serving the guests only water, the bride focused too much on cost and not on the joy of the wedding day, leaving guests underwhelmed.

In conclusion, the bride’s plan to serve only water at her wedding is not well-thought-out, as it harms guests’ expectations and happiness. Weddings are joyous events, and couples should strive to create an experience that is unforgettable for both themselves and their guests. Therefore, couples should keep a balance between their budget and their guests’ expectations. Serving only water may help the budget, but it could create a negative impression on the couple and make the day less memorable for all the wrong reasons. Ultimately, the bride realized her mistake and decided to make a change to the menu to impress her guests. It is always better to be remembered positively than negatively, especially on such a momentous day.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bride’s Plan to Serve Only Water at Wedding Because It’s ‘Cheaper’ Blasted

1. Why has the bride decided to serve only water at her wedding?
– The bride claims that it’s because water is cheaper than other drinks.

2. What has been the reaction to the bride’s plan from guests and the public?
– The bride’s plan has been widely criticized by guests and the public, with many feeling that it’s tacky, disrespectful, and takes away from the celebration.

3. Is it really cheaper to serve only water at a wedding compared to other drinks?
– While water may be less expensive than premium drinks like champagne or wine, the cost of serving only water can still add up due to the need for cups, ice, and other supplies.

4. What are some alternative ways to keep costs down without resorting to serving only water?
– There are many ways to save money on wedding costs without sacrificing guest experience. For example, couples could opt for a less expensive venue, serve beer and wine instead of premium liquor, or have a smaller guest list.

5. Is it acceptable for a bride to prioritize saving money over providing a quality experience for her guests?
– This is a matter of personal opinion, but many people would argue that it’s not appropriate to skimp on important aspects of a wedding simply to save money. Weddings are meant to be celebratory occasions, and cutting corners in such a drastic way could leave guests feeling disappointed or undervalued.

Common Misconceptions about Bride’s Plan to Serve Only Water at Wedding Because It’s ‘Cheaper’ Blasted

1) The first misconception is that serving only water at a wedding is cheap. This is not necessarily true as the cost of providing water still has to be factored in. Additionally, the cost of renting the necessary glassware and dispensers may have to be considered too.

2) Another misconception is that serving only water will be seen as a budget-friendly move by guests. Instead, they may feel like they are being offered substandard hospitality if they are not given the option for a drink other than water.

3) Some people may also assume that serving water exclusively at a wedding is a result of the bride and groom being frugal or stingy. However, this could also be a conscious choice by the couple to provide guests with a healthier drink option.

4) Lastly, people may think that providing only water will help the wedding save on alcohol costs. In reality, serving only water may make guests more likely to leave earlier or not enjoy themselves as much, which can ultimately impact the overall enjoyment of the wedding.

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