Bride’s shock as mother-in-law wears her wedding dress for Halloween

A bride-to-be has take to Reddit to share her shock after finding out her mother-in-law wore her dress as part of a Halloween costume, ruining it before the wedding.

In the post, which has since been deleted, the bride explains she and her MIL have always had a “strained relationship”, according to Kidspot.

A bride has taken to Reddit to express her shock after finding out her mother-in-law wore her wedding dress for Halloween, ruining it. Photo: Getty

“We just don’t like each other,” she wrote, adding there is a lot of hurt on both sides, making it difficult to be civil with one another.

The bride and her fiancé lived with the mother-in-law for a while, but moved out and later got engaged and welcomed a baby. The mother-in-law later offered to help with the wedding financially.

“I was super grateful and having my son made me grow up a lot,” she continued.


“I went into this with a positive mind frame and hoped maybe we could at least be civil at some point because this situation has broken my fiancé’s heart.”

The mother-in-law had purchased the bride’s wedding dress and was storing it at her house. 

However, not long after, they had another huge argument after the mother-in-law overheard some things being said by other guests at a baby shower.

The bride said that she attempted to contact her mother-in-law about the dress, but she has been blocked.

“Last night I got a call from one of my friends, who saw MIL at a Halloween party, wearing my wedding gown covered in fake blood,” the woman continued.

Husband comforts wife

The bride’s fiancé was upset about the fighting, but took his future wife’s side. Photo: Getty

“She had a tiara, so I guess she was Carrie or something.”

When her fiancé tried to reach out to his mother, she didn’t answer, so he left an angry voicemail.

“I cried all last night because I was so upset about the dress, and it killed our Halloween plans,” she said. “Today I decided she absolutely can’t be at the wedding.”

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She added that her fiancé was “heartbroken” by the idea, but supports her.

“Some people are saying I was too harsh and should have made sure my fiancé was really OK with uninviting her, and that he might resent me,” she said.

“I can tell he is really sad, but he says he gets it and supports me 100 percent and can’t have someone who hates me that much at the wedding.”

There were mixed responses from other Reddit users with one writing, “NTA [not the a**hole]. But honestly, you should have known better than to accept your MILs offer to buy your dress, or stored it in her home. Stop accepting help from your MIL financially because she’s clearly just going to continue punishing you for it.”

“Accepting money from some people means you’ll be paying a lot more than interest,” another agreed.

woman fights with mother-in-law

Some Reddit users said they thought both the bride and her mother-in-law were at fault. Photo: Getty

“I guess, make sure it’s actually your dress, then count your blessings that it’s final that you never have to spend a nanosecond considering her feelings ever again,” a third responded.

“MIL ruined a dress that SHE bought, that was never in OPs possession. It’s very clear she wasn’t going to give it to OP after OPs friends trash-talked the MIL at the bridal shower,” someone else added.

“Given that MIL ruined the wedding dress she bought for OP to create a Halloween costume for herself, it looks like MIL had already planned to not attend OP’s and her son’s wedding,” another said.

Others questioned whether the bride knows if the mother-in-law was actually wearing her wedding dress or if it was another dress that had been mistaken for it.

One user broke down the whole scenario and said they believed the bride and the mother-in-law were in the wrong because if their mother-in-law overheard the OP’s friends speaking about her, then she must have told them those things. 

They added that there were a lot of pieces of information that weren’t being shared, “You work awfully hard in your post not to mention anything that justifies your MIL’s behaviour in order to make yourself sound like a victim.”

“Did you even apologize for what they said or try to make amends with her or did you just decide that since you didn’t say it, it wasn’t your responsibility to address the situation?” they questioned, with others agreeing with them.

“It sounds like we are missing a lot of the story and I’m guessing MIL perspective is much different,” another user agreed. “Likely the truth is somewhere in the middle and both have been awful to each other. Who knows how it started, but bitching to all your friends about the person who’s letting you live in their house when you can’t afford to live alone is pretty messed up. 

“At the very least MIL was owed an apology for what her friends said. OP sounds very young and still in need of a lot more growing up. Destroying the relationship with his mother is very likely to cause problems in her and her fiancé’s personal relationship in the future.”

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