Bridesmaid is accused of ruining a wedding after taking off her heels and walking barefoot down the aisle

A BRIDESMAID was accused of ruining a wedding after she took off her heels and walked barefoot down the aisle.

The shunned friend took to Reddit to explain what led up to the wild occurrence at her friend’s wedding.


A bridesmaid was accused of ruining a wedding after going barefoot down the aisle

The bridesmaid explained in the post that her feet were “killing” her so she “discretely took my heels off during the ceremony and ended up walking off barefoot.”

The bride was a friend from high school, and the other bridesmaids and maid of honor all knew the bride from college.

Needless to say, the poster was the odd man out, but the bridesmaids were “friendly and including” during the bachelorette.

At some point, the maid of honor suggested that they wear knee-length dresses and closed toed shoes.

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They wore the shoes during the rehearsal to break them in, and it was struggle.

“They hurt a little, but no more than typical stilettos,” the Redditor wrote.

“The other girls were complaining about their feet hurting and the importance of having flip-flops available to change into after the ceremony.

“Not trying to be mean, but the maid of honor is somewhat overweight and really struggling in her heels after just two hours of rehearsal.”

The dresses and shoes came on around 10am on the wedding date after a morning of hanging out and doing makeup.

By noon, guests began to arrive and her feet were “still bearable, but definitely feeling it.”

By 2pm, they went back to the hotel to relax, practice speeches, and hang out.

“My feet are killing me by this point. I sit down and immediately take my shoes off,” the bridesmaid said.

“Curiously, I am the only one to do so, as all the other girls don’t seem to be in any discomfort.

“I laugh and say something to the effect of ‘these shoes were a giant mistake.’

“The maid of honor seems a little offended and more or less tells me to ‘suck it up.’

“We relax and do final preparations for about an hour, and my feet feel much better.

“When it’s time to go, the bride tells me it’s OK if I want to wear flats.

However, the bridesmaid decided to “take the maid of honor’s advice” and suck it up.

During the ceremony at 3.15pm, her feet were hurting at a faster pace.

By 3.30pm, it was bad, as she was standing in the same space for a half hour after a groomsman disappeared.

By 4pm, she said the pain was unbearable.

“A long and tearful ceremony. It’s touching, but at this point I’m super distracted,” she said.

“My feet have never hurt so bad before in my life (and I waitress in heels!)

“My knees are literally shaking and I’m fidgeting and transferring my weight from foot to foot, which I’m sure looks weird,” she said of her stance near the altar.

“I’m luckily positioned behind a dais thing and the audience can’t see my legs.”

She took off one of the shoes at 4.15pm, after her feet were “throbbing” and she feared she would fall over.

“The relief is immense as my foot finally flattens itself on the ground,” she wrote.

“I shrink 4 inches, but I don’t think anyone but the maid of honor notices, who glares at me in incredulity.

“I don’t care, as I blissfully stretch out my tortured toes.”

At the end of the ceremony, her foot was so swollen, it wouldn’t fit into the shoe.

“To my horror I realize my bare foot has swollen up (gross I know) and won’t fit into the shoe.

“I try curling my toes in and jamming my foot in but the pain is excruciating.

“I can barely stand; there’s no way I would be able to walk out. The wedding party begins to move and I am panicking.

She said that she decided on “the lesser of two evils,” took her other shoe off and walked barefoot, carrying the heels.

“As I step away from the altar, people notice and point. Cameras are flashing.”

The maid of honor reportedly glared at her, and there was drama upon return to the hotel.

“The other girls (but maybe I’m being overly sensitive) make a big show of kicking off their heels, exaggeratedly moaning in relief and saying how proud they were for lasting in new heels for over 6 hours,” she said.

“I’m near tears at this point as I apologize profusely, but it all sounds like excuses.

“The bride says it’s OK, but doesn’t look me in the eye.

“The other girls are polite, but I can tell they are judging. We all change into flip-flops, but I feel shunned and ostracized the rest of the night.”

She texted the bride, who said it was fine.

But the maid of honor reportedly said: “I get it I guess, but well what do you expect you kind of ruined her wedding ceremony right? All of our feet hurt but the rest of us just sucked it up you know?”

In the comments, fans noted that the bride gave the poster an out by telling her to wear flats, and that she should stop bugging the bride.

“Wow. Please stop,” one person said.

“Not only did the bride give you an out with flats, which you refused, but she also said it’s OK and is probably trying to enjoy her honeymoon and forget the whole thing.

“Stop bugging her. Leave it be.”

“Yeah I mean as the bride I’d be mad too,” said another.

“She gave you an out. She paid for photos and now they’re gonna look silly with you being barefoot.”

A third said: “Honestly you sound super self centered.”

“The bride is probably on her honeymoon.

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“You not stopping to call and text her a few days after the wedding is self centered.

“Taking off one shoe during the ceremony is self centered.”