Bridezilla reveals why she’s kicking bridesmaid out of her wedding – and doesn’t get the reaction she expected

WHEN a bride posted online asking for help with her upcoming wedding, she anticipated advice that would resolve a “problem” in the wedding party.

The response she received instead was relentless trolling, for what commenters saw as a lack of common sense and her cruel overreaction to her own sister.


A bride asked for advice about her wedding – but critics couldn’t believe her requestCredit: Getty

The anonymous woman had posted in a bridal Facebook group, but her strange request went viral after it was cross-posted to the Bridezillas forum on Reddit.

According to the bride-to-be, her sister was being unreasonable after getting a tattoo in a spot that would be visible on the big day.

“My sister just got a tattoo of big-a** cherries on her arm and is refusing to wear a dress with sleeves now,” the bride griped.

She posted a photo of her sister’s tattoo, a plain black line drawing of cherries, which seemed to cover a few square inches of her forearm.

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“How do I politely say either she wears a dress with sleeves, uses makeup to cover it up, or I’ll have to find someone to take her place in the bridal party?” the bride asked.

Her main concern was how the tattoo would look in photos, which she was “paying over $3,000 for.”

The bride even took a sarcastic shot at her mom’s “helpful” suggestion.

“My mom said she could just strategically hold her bouquet to cover it,” she wrote. “What is she going to do? Cradle it like a baby?”

Reddit users were amazed by the bride’s stubbornness – and apparent lack of technical know-how.

“It would be like a 30-second Photoshop fix in editing if it bothers her so much,” a confused commenter said.

“It’s a shame the $3k photographer couldn’t Photoshop it out,” another person snarked.

“If you’re so self-centered that you cannot have tattoos in your wedding pictures, pay the photographer extra to edit them out,” a fellow commenter agreed.

Several commenters virtually rolled their eyes at the suggestion that the bridesmaid would be a distraction at all.

One person wrote, “Since most photos at weddings don’t include arm closeups, I don’t think this is a problem except in the bride’s mind.”

Others thought the bride seemed stuffy and stuck-up for being unwilling to include people who weren’t aesthetically “perfect” on her wedding day.

“When you look at your wedding pictures 5, 10, 25 years from now, are you going to think to yourself ‘thank God there isn’t anyone with tattoos in my pictures?'” one hypothesized.

Or, they asked, “Are you going to think ‘I wish my sister was in these pictures?'”

And some people recounted stories of their loved ones’ tattoo misadventures, proving it isn’t as serious as the bride may suggest.

“A friend of mine got a dumb tattoo when he was 18. It’s a baby holding an AR,” one commenter wrote.

“It’s tacky, he hates the tattoo, and I think it’s the funniest thing ever,” they revealed. “I would love to have that in my wedding pictures.”

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“I was thinking of getting my first arm tattoo a few weeks before my sister’s wedding,” another user wrote.

“I asked her if she wanted me to wait until after her wedding and she looked at me like I was insane and said, ‘Why would you wait?'”