Bridezilla slams wedding guest for wearing elaborate floral gown to her wedding

Bride is slammed for wanting to ban friend from her wedding for wearing a stunning floral gown – and even gives her $150 to buy a new dress

  • A bride been slammed online after criticising a guest’s potential outfit choice 
  • The bride appeared jealous of how good the young woman looked in the dress
  • But some people were on her side and said the gown was not appropriate 

A bride has been slammed as ‘jealous’ and ‘overbearing’ after revealing she planned to ban her friend from wearing a stunning floral dress to her wedding.

The bride posted a picture of her friend in the dress online – asking if others thought it was appropriate for a guest to wear to a wedding.

She said she was afraid she had ‘gone crazy’ in the lead-up to the ceremony because close relatives, including her mum, told her banning the dress was ridiculous. 

A bride was slammed online after asking if she could ban her friend from wearing this dress to her wedding


Is this floral dress ‘too much’ for a guest to wear to a wedding?

  • No, the bride is just jealous. 23 votes
  • Yes, it is far too bridal. 17 votes

‘I never thought I’d be someone who feels the need to dictate what people wear to a wedding… but the train just really throws it over the edge for me,’ the bride wrote alongside the photo.  

‘She looks stunning in the dress so I can see why she fell in love with it and why people want her to wear it.

‘But there are other dresses she can shine in.

‘My family, especially my mum, think I am being ridiculous and should let her wear the dress.’

She offered the young woman $150 to go toward buying ‘any other dress’.

But it appeared many people online agreed with the well-dressed guest and her family.   

‘Brides have no business sticking their nose in when it comes to what their guests want to wear. Concentrate on yourself and stop being jealous of others’ beauty,’ one woman slammed.

‘It isn’t white, it isn’t ugly, it doesn’t reveal too much skin. It just looks lovely – pull yourself together,’ said another.

She said her friend wore the dress anyway and looked 'perfect in every way'

She said her friend wore the dress anyway and looked ‘perfect in every way’ 

But some people felt for the bride.

‘This is not at all wedding appropriate, unless worn by a bride,’ one woman said.

‘Do guests typically shop in the bridal section?’ asked another.

‘This is a wedding dress. For a bride, not a guest. A real friend wouldn’t do this.’

The woman posted again after her wedding – revealing the friend wore the dress and looked ‘perfect in every way’.