Brooklyn Beckham opens up about his Jewish wedding to Nicola Peltz and the ONE item he has banned – details

February 11, 2022 – 06:23 GMT

Andrea Caamano

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz have joined forces to cook a delicious Valentine’s Day meal with Vogue magazine – and the couple spoke openly about their engagement and their upcoming wedding.

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Whilst cooking a heart-shaped pizza, a virgin espresso martini and chocolate lava cake for dessert, the duo revealed what David and Victoria Beckham‘s eldest son will be wearing to their Jewish wedding and the one thing he has banned.

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Whist pouring vanilla syrup into a container, Brooklyn revealed he hated the sound.

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“That’s the worst sound in the world, glug, glug, glug,” he said in front of the cameras.

“Brooklyn hates that sound, it’s so weird,” added Nicola.


The couple joined forces to cook a Valentine’s Day meal with Vogue

Detailing his pet peeves, he continued: “It’s horrible, that, square plates, big forks, chewing with your mouth open…”

“That’s the only thing you said in our wedding meetings, ‘Don’t do square plates!'” admitted Nicola.

Speaking of their wedding in detail for the first time, the couple, who got engaged in 2020, revealed it will be a Jewish ceremony and Brooklyn will wear a yarmulke, a skullcap worn in public by Orthodox Jewish men.


The couple will have a Jewish wedding

“Full wedding prep mode and it’s a lot of fun. It’s strange, because the more wedding meetings that we have, the more real it feels. Like it still kind of feels fake, in a way. I’m excited. I’m wearing a Yarmulke,” he revealed.

“Yes, Jewish wedding,” added Nicola.

Explaining their wedding weekend in further detail, Nicola continued: “So, the Friday night, Brooklyn’s gonna stay with my dad, my brothers, and then his dad and his brothers and have like a boy slumber party. “And I’m going to stay with the girls. So, from the Friday night dinner, we’re not going to see each other until we get married in the afternoon. We’ve been panicking about it, this one night apart.”


Brooklyn and Nicola recently revealed they had been cake tasting ahead of their nuptials

“I get so, so sad about it,” remarked Brooklyn. “Like, what happens if she doesn’t walk down the aisle and I’m like standing there? Like, my biggest fear. I’m definitely going to cry. I’m not going to say the song she is walking down to, but when I hear the song every time, I start to like…”

The couple also opened up about the proposal and revealed Nicola cried so much she couldn’t even see the ring.

“One of the most romantic things Brooklyn has ever done for me is when he proposed. I really did not expect it. He told me he was planning a little date night for us and then we took a golf cart ride to this little area where you could see the entire lake and he covered the entire gazebo with flowers,” explained the actress.

“I was so nervous. Honestly,” said the 22-year-old budding chef.

He continued: “He was literally shaking with a bottle of wine, and he couldn’t open the wine and then he like went behind the bush and went on one knee and I couldn’t even see the ring, I started crying so much. “A lot of tears, she didn’t give me an answer for five minutes.”