Call the Midwife star talks “challenge” of Lucille and Cyril’s wedding

Call the Midwife fans have remained deeply invested in Lucille and Cyril’s romance, from the pair’s first date back in season eight to the most recent chapter when Cyril sold their prized radiogram to buy a ring, before getting down on one knee.

It was never in any doubt that she would say yes, but the moment was more magical than we could ever have imagined.

In tonight’s Christmas special, there was a brief spell when it looked like their wedding would be called off. Lucille had suffered a painful eye injury following an alcohol-induced stumble and unless the swelling subsided, there was zero chance of her posing for any wedding photos. But in an unconventional twist, a leech, of all things, was applied to Lucille’s injury and the wedding day was saved.

Chatting to and press about what it was like filming the wedding scene, Zephryn Taitte (Cyril) said: “It was lovely, hardcore and at times tedious [given the hot temperatures and many moving parts], but lovely at the same time.

“It was a logistical feat to bring it all together. We were there from the morning until the very end. And we couldn’t kiss because of the Perspex that we had to use, all the social distancing rules that we had to navigate, so it was quite tricky. Even holding the hand was a bit taboo. You saw the bliss and the beauty of it, but doing it was definitely a challenge.”

BBC / Neal Street Productions

Taitte also went on to say that while Lucille and Cyril are currently in a solid place, the road ahead will not be plain sailing.

“There are definitely more trials and tribulations for Lucille and Cyril [in season 11],” he added. “It’s navigating that marriage, navigating that marital bliss. Is it bliss? Will it forever be bliss? How do they forge ahead together? Can they do it together? And would it strengthen their relationship?”

And they’re not the only ones who will be reckoning with a seismic hurdle in the upcoming chapter.

“It’s big, it’s brilliant and it is a real challenge,” said Stephen McGann (Dr Patrick Turner) about the mystery major storyline.

“And I think for people who watch the show, I think it’s a departure. It’s different. It’s ambitious. Everybody, in their way, is affected by it. Everyone comes into it. It smashes. It’s great. And it shows us again going on and on with this thing and finding new things to tell.”

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