Cardi B Officiates Nuptials For Same-Sex Couple With Help From Raven Symone | The 90s to Now

Cardi B helped one woman and her fiancee’s dream come true by not only surprising them with a wedding, but revealing that she would officiate the nuptials. On the latest episode of Cardi Tries, the “WAP” rapper helps bride-to-be, Brandi, surprise her fiancee Shannon with a full wedding, and special guest appearance from actress Raven Symone.

As she began officiating the nuptials, Cardi said:

“Now, the couple will exchange the rings as a symbol of their love. We are going to get the rings by a special friend of mine that I admire so much and been a part of this process.”

As the Raven’s Home star surprised the brides, she reflected on her own wedding day and tying the knot with wife Miranda Maday. Raven gushed:

“Holding those rings in my hand, knowing you were going to officiate and standing there waiting, looking at them looking at each other in their eyes. It reminded me of my wedding day when I really wanted to see my wife in a beautiful wedding dress.”

Cardi also shared bits of her family life with Brandi and chatted with the bride-to-be about her coming out journey, as she helped her pick out a wedding dress. The rapper opened up about her mother embracing her sister, Hennesey Carolina’s relationship with her girlfriend Michelle Diaz, sharing:
“Trust me when I tell you, my mom loves my sister’s girlfriend more than she loves us! It just became such a friendship and it’s so smooth.”

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