‘Charity supermarket’ in Reading sells everything even a wedding dress

A charity supermarket in Reading is breaking the mold and doing something new. Nestled in the center of Reading town, this charity shop is unlike any other. It’s called The Concept Store and shelves are packed with groceries, clothing, furniture, and everything in between. The store has enjoyed popularity due to its unique approach to charity fundraising. It’s a store with a purpose – to help the homeless, the needy, and those with financial difficulties.

As you walk in, you are welcomed by a quirky and colorful display of contemporary clothes and homeware. You can find an abundance of brand new dresses, shirts, shoes, and accessories at very low prices. A wedding dress even sits on the shelf, just waiting for someone special to walk through the door.

While the clothes are a big attraction for shoppers, the store also prides itself on the range of groceries available. Unlike other charity shops, The Concept Store stocks items for your weekly shop, from perishable goods, dairy products, and dry foods. No more worries about running out of milk or bread, you can grab everything you need in one stop.

The sight of so much variety and brand new items instantly raises a question – where does all this merchandise come from? The answer is that it is all donated by businesses and the general public. As a charity store, The Concept Store relies on donations to keep the shelves stocked up. Instead of one-off donations to other charities, they encourage long-term relationships with the community and businesses, which leads to a better and more sustainable result.

The store operates with a social enterprise-style, selling discounted products and using the generated funds to help those in need. The profits help fund projects run by the Restart Project, one of Reading’s homeless charities. “We are very proud to give a long-term contribution towards the Restart Project, and the fantastic work they do in the Reading community,” says Gary, one of the store’s volunteers.

The Concept Store is also conscious of its environmental impact. They strive to minimize waste, using recyclable paper bags, promoting reusable shopping bags, and even selling environmentally friendly cleaning products. It’s not just the donations that help their sustainability, but their practices as well.

The store has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, created by its hardworking volunteers. They pride themselves on excellent customer service and strive to create an enjoyable experience for their shoppers. You can browse the store knowing your purchases are going towards a good cause, and any questions or queries are welcomed with open arms.

Shoppers don’t just leave with their purchases, but with a sense of satisfaction that they have contributed to a great cause. The Concept Store is a testament to the power of community and business relationships to help those in need. It’s a shining example of how we can work together to create sustainable change and support local charities.

In conclusion, The Concept Store offers a unique shopping experience, full of brand new clothing, groceries, furniture, and household items – everything you need in one stop. It also offers an opportunity to give back to the community by supporting The Restart Project, a charity that supports those experiencing homelessness in Reading. By choosing The Concept Store for your shopping, you can support sustainable change and create real impact in the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions about ‘Charity supermarket’ in Reading sells everything even a wedding dress

1. What type of products can you find at the charity supermarket in Reading?
– The charity supermarket in Reading sells everything, including clothing, furniture, electronics, and even a wedding dress.

2. Why is it called a charity supermarket?
– It is called a charity supermarket because all of its proceeds are donated to charity organizations that aim to help people in need.

3. Are the products sold at the charity supermarket brand new?
– No, most of the products sold at the charity supermarket are secondhand or donated by individuals or businesses.

4. How can I donate to the charity supermarket in Reading?
– You can donate your gently used items to the charity supermarket by dropping them off at the store or arranging for a pick-up service.

5. Can I volunteer at the charity supermarket in Reading?
– Yes, the charity supermarket welcomes volunteers who want to help sort and organize donated items or assist customers in the store.

Common Misconceptions about ‘Charity supermarket’ in Reading sells everything even a wedding dress

1. Charity supermarkets only sell low-quality and used items.
2. Charity supermarkets are only for low-income individuals.
3. Charity supermarkets only sell basic necessities like food and clothing.
4. Charity supermarkets do not sell high-end items like a wedding dress.

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