Cheeky bride slammed for asking strangers to pay for her wedding by putting her details on her car

WEDDINGS are expensive. Between the dress, the suits, the venue, the food, the invites, the flowers and making sure aunt Joyce with the dodgy hip gets a taxi, you can be bankrupt before you even start.

But one savvy bride came up with an idea to reduce costs and help her have the day of her dreams… but people aren’t impressed with her methods.


A bride requested that strangers help her pay for her wedding with a cheeky message on her car windowCredit: Reddit

The opportunistic wife-to-be decided to request that strangers contribute to her mounting costs by writing a message on her car.

In a photo, uploaded to Reddit, the bride’s car clearly displays the message: “I’m engaged! Help me plan my dream wedding!” followed by the woman’s Venmo details to receive money transfers.

The cheeky post was uploaded with the caption: “Note use of the words ‘I’m’ and ‘my’, not ‘we/our’.”


Fellow Reddit users were less than impressed by the request.

One said: “Do people actually donate when they see this? I find it tacky.”

Another agreed: “This is like the brides that expect their guests to pay for their extravagant wedding, but somehow worse because you’re asking strangers who wont even be there.

“I know nobodies forcing anyone to pay, but this feels so entitled to even ask. [sic]”

While a third said: “Okay now this is a prime example of tacky window writing. They took the trend of ‘buy me a shot’ into ‘pay for my whole wedding’. What a weirdo.”

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